IRC log of musicbrainz on 2006-03-08

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00:06:14 [chocomo]
00:07:09 [chocomo]
of course , not inlcuding stuff I couldn't find
00:07:11 [chocomo]
and now
00:07:15 [chocomo]
* chocomo will roll to bed
00:09:19 [fuchs]
mr ownership deal?
00:09:23 [chocomo]
00:09:25 [chocomo]
I am weird
00:09:29 [fuchs]
what's that mean?
00:09:50 [chocomo]
its chocomo-wonk for 'I own this junk'
00:10:16 [chocomo]
hey! ruaok greats us with waga and klepto
00:10:23 [fuchs]
that reminds me of the summit where we wanted to tag everything with either "good music" or "bad music", but noone seems to be really doing it ;)
00:10:26 [chocomo]
I can say mr ownership deal
00:10:35 [chocomo]
00:11:13 [chocomo]
but mb really needs a 'owned releases' type feature
00:11:21 [chocomo]
because then I can totaly spesify that
00:11:24 [chocomo]
00:12:03 [fuchs]
no in mb as mb is more about the music not the users
00:12:04 [chocomo]
and ofcourse 'owned' albums could one pretty much go around and ask who owned it for more info / or be sure this person keeps its data good
00:12:07 [yllona]
so can i, but i doubt i'd put in the effort
00:12:15 [fuchs]
00:12:37 [fuchs]
that's what discogs is for :)
00:12:48 [chocomo]
ewll mb should cater a bit to some users want to put things in lists
00:12:49 [chocomo]
00:12:59 [chocomo]
besides disogs is crap + hasn't got my releases
00:13:11 [chocomo]
and I'm NOT adding them
00:13:12 [fuchs]
add them ;)
00:13:12 [yllona]
i only owrk on mB stuff that I own anyway, unless someone asks for asistance
00:13:14 [chocomo]
fuck no
00:13:21 [yllona]
*work on MB stuff
00:13:21 [chocomo]
hehe yll
00:13:34 [yllona]
hello, mo
00:13:42 [chocomo]
only I'm saying it would be a like a second 'subscribed' type thing, but for albums
00:13:45 [chocomo]
hi Y
00:14:04 [fuchs]
which would blow up the db with non factual stuff
00:14:08 [chocomo]
and it *would* help metadata as 'owned' albums are less liekly to be erranous
00:14:29 [chocomo]
fuchs: I am dreaming, stop puttign your foot on my break gear pleace
00:14:45 [fuchs]
well this could be done as an external sideproject :)
00:14:54 [chocomo]
and I own that is a fact :p
00:15:07 [fuchs]
00:15:25 [chocomo]
but for example my oppinion of it, is not something that belongs in mb
00:15:31 [chocomo]
00:15:34 [chocomo]
now I will bed
00:15:39 [chocomo]
say hi to sen from me
00:15:42 [chocomo]
00:15:44 [fuchs]
owning it is an opinion of yourself
00:15:57 [fuchs]
sleep well
00:16:10 [yllona]
but fuchs it would be nice to have a flag for mods that says something like "do you own this album?" .might cut down on mod flames :)
00:17:05 [fuchs]
there aren't that many flames
00:17:10 [fuchs]
and most of them are good
00:17:29 [yllona]
yes, i agree. only a few spoilsports
00:17:42 [yllona]
* yllona plays for fuchs
00:17:45 [yllona]
* yllona is listening to Fair But So Uncool by Earth Wind & Fire from Open Our Eyes (1974) (1:37 / 3:40)
00:18:27 [fuchs]
pah! :-þ
00:20:37 [yllona]
00:26:28 [yllona]
err, did i deliver a "chatkill"? :P
00:26:51 [yllona]
okay fuchs, try this one
00:26:54 [yllona]
* yllona is listening to Natural Man by Lou Rawls from Natural Man (1971) (0:56 / 3:43)
00:34:57 [SenRepus]
fuchs discogs is incomplete and slow and stupid
00:35:53 [fuchs]
now that i call constructive criticism ;)
00:35:57 [orogor]
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00:37:53 [Shepard]
the best criticism... ever!
00:37:56 [Shepard]
sorry bad joke
00:41:16 [oqp]
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00:42:16 [fuchs]
shep, i'm glad you recognized this yourself ;)
00:46:44 [fuchs]
* fuchs is still upset about yllona calling him "fair"
00:47:45 [yllona]
fuchs: fair as in "even-handed", not fair as "pretty"
00:48:55 [fuchs]
oh, now she's even saying that i'm not pretty! it's getting better and better
00:49:26 [yllona]
that's waht the song is about. "the life you lead is fair, but so uncool"
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00:56:31 [BGreeNZ]
luks: How's it going with Picard 0.6.0?
00:57:30 [yllona]
okay fuchs i give up. i apologize.
00:58:10 [yllona]
here ya go:
00:58:16 [yllona]
* yllona is listening to I Apologize by Billy Eckstine from That Old Black Magic (1951) (0:15 / 3:20)
00:58:33 [BGreeNZ]
!seen luks
00:59:31 [fuchs]
BGreeNZ: luks is here ;)
01:00:08 [fuchs]
yllona: i'm jsut kidding (and cooking, that's why it's taking so long for me to respond) ;)
01:00:31 [yllona]
no worries
01:00:42 [yllona]
what are you cooking?
01:00:59 [fuchs]
not sure yet ;)
01:01:01 [BGreeNZ]
Yes, I see that. I was trying to ask BrainzBot (who *doesn't* seem to be here) when he was last seen
01:01:23 [fuchs]
BGreeNZ: brainzbot would have answered the same thing i did
01:02:12 [BGreeNZ]
Usually says when the person last spoke, though, doesn't it?
01:03:29 [yllona]
i theink the brainzbot scripts are offline
01:03:41 [yllona]
!weather 90732
01:05:14 [yllona]
yep. brainzbot down for the count
01:05:24 [BGreeNZ]
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01:05:35 [BGreeNZBot]
Look out the window
01:05:40 [BGreeNZBot]
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01:07:26 [Jetpack]
01:09:28 [BGreeNZ]
Glad someone enjoyed it. :-D
01:12:57 [Jetpack]
girls like guys with skills... nunchaku skills.. computer hacking skills..
01:13:46 [Jetpack]
hmm doesn't sound as funny in print as it does in the movie
01:13:53 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ is confused
01:14:16 [yllona]
* yllona too
01:14:50 [Jetpack]
line starting with "girls" is a quote from a movie: i thought i would throw in something funny in return but didn't work obviously
01:15:22 [BGreeNZ]
Awww.. So you don't like me? :-(
01:15:26 [Muz]
Hmmm, is it possible to rezise a partition using Knoppix, and if so, how?
01:15:50 [yllona]
* yllona hasn't seen many recent movies, avoids pop-culture in general
01:15:55 [Jetpack]
no its just something funny i've been saying to myself all day
01:16:10 [Jetpack]
im a guy
01:16:38 [BGreeNZ]
Knoppix? Isn't that one of the many Debian-based micro-distributions of GNU/Linuk?
01:16:39 [Jetpack]
the movie is "napoleon dynamite", i haven't seen it either but my friends have been quoting it and making me piss myself
01:16:50 [BGreeNZ]
01:16:54 [Muz]
01:17:15 [Jetpack]
"parted" does resizing i think
01:17:43 [BGreeNZ]
What FS? ext2 or ReiserFS?
01:17:55 [Muz]
01:18:43 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ logs into his Debian firewall to browse through APT
01:21:32 [fuchs]
The resize_reiserfs tool resizes an unmounted reiserfs file system. It enlarges or shrinks an reiserfs file system located on a device
01:22:02 [BGreeNZ]
Personally, I use Acronis OS Selector 5. Aside from being a kick-arse boot manager, it also has a partition manager that can resize (almost) every FS under the sun
01:22:36 [BGreeNZ]
But, yeah, resize_reiserfs will probably be what you need.
01:23:14 [Muz]
Ah okay, /me looks into it
01:24:24 [Shepard]
01:24:35 [BGreeNZ]
It's part of the "reiserfsprogs" package
01:25:35 [Joan_W]
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01:26:02 [BGreeNZ]
Or, if you're keen, you could try "reiser4progs"
01:27:42 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ checks for updates while he still has aptitude open
01:30:03 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ envies people who aren't stuck in "dialup hell"
01:30:23 [flamingcow]
01:30:53 [Muz]
* Muz goes to sleep instead to return to this hdd pain in the arse tomorrow
01:31:09 [Joan_W]
Night Muz
01:31:32 [yllona]
g'night muz
01:31:40 [Shepard]
natta muz
01:32:18 [BGreeNZ]
Yes, "beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep, Shreeeeee kululup Grepeow Grepeow hisss HISSSS.."
01:35:07 [Joan_W]
very quiet on here tonight. I think I'll go to bed. Night
01:35:37 [BGreeNZ]
Okay. Sleep well.
01:36:04 [Shepard]
01:36:42 [Joan_W]
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01:37:05 [BGreeNZ]
Hmm. This probably wouldn't take as long if I didn't have a surplus of mirrors in my apt.sources or whatever it is...
01:37:31 [flamingcow]
sources.list :-P
01:37:46 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ <3 his ISP for mirroring Debian
01:39:06 [BGreeNZ]
At least that way I don't have to drag it half-way across the world/country in conjunction to squeezing it through a 56Kbps modem...
01:39:48 [flamingcow]
they can mirror debian, but not get dsl/cable/fibre out to you? :-P
01:41:28 [BGreeNZ]
Well, Telecom New Zealand owns most of the phone lines, so ADSL ultimately has to come through them. InSPire Net do, however, offer high-speed *symmetrical* wireless
01:42:06 [Jetpack]
what qualifies as high-speed?
01:42:47 [Jetpack]
oh you've got dial-up
01:44:19 [BGreeNZ]
Well, if you're talking about Telecom's most basic ADSL package (JetStart), they actually call 256Kbps *broadband*, believe it or not
01:44:50 [ojnkpjg]
i get 15Mbit/2Mbit now
01:44:51 [ojnkpjg]
hooray for me
01:46:06 [Jetpack]
BGreeNZ in South Africa, Telkom sell 192 as broadband
01:46:25 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ gags
01:46:34 [BGreeNZ]
01:46:37 [ojnkpjg]
01:46:39 [Jetpack]
3 gig cap
01:47:05 [BGreeNZ]
Those are InSPire Net's wireless plans
01:47:57 [Jetpack]
ojnkpjg: *drool*
01:47:59 [ojnkpjg]
what's nice about FIOS is that they install a wireless router that broadcasts SSID, gives just anyone a dhcp lease, and they leave the default admin password on the router as 'password'
01:48:03 [BGreeNZ]
They also offer their own brand of ADSL (BitStream), of course, but Telecom owns the copper => Telecom controls the price
01:48:13 [ojnkpjg]
so you could do all kinds of nasty things to joe average who gets it installed
01:48:19 [ojnkpjg]
like turn the thing into a brick
01:48:20 [ojnkpjg]
or worse
01:49:11 [Jetpack]
alright from now on we're hosting Musicbrainz at ojnkpjg's house
01:49:29 [ojnkpjg]
01:49:32 [ojnkpjg]
"no servers!"
01:49:37 [flamingcow]
musicbrainz is on less than 15/2mbit ?
01:49:40 [ojnkpjg]
whatever a that means
01:50:38 [Jetpack]
im not sure what MB is on actually
01:50:54 [Jetpack]
someone told me but i forgot
01:52:07 [BGreeNZ]
ojnkpjg: Better not run ICQ, BitTorrent, or a zillion other consumer "clients" that operate as Internet servers as part of their normal functionality, then ;-)
01:52:26 [flamingcow]
Musicbrainz at
01:52:26 [flamingcow]
ojnkpjg's house
01:52:26 [flamingcow]
[01:49:29] <ojnkpjg> :)
01:52:26 [flamingcow]
[01:49:32] <ojnkpjg> "no servers!"
01:52:26 [flamingcow]
[01:49:36] <flamingcow> musicbrainz is on less than 15/2mbit ?
01:52:26 [flamingcow]
[01:49:40] <ojnkpjg> whatever a that means
01:52:28 [flamingcow]
[01:50:38] <Jetpack> im not sure what MB is on actually
01:52:30 [flamingcow]
[01:50:54] <Jetpack> someone told me but i forgot
01:52:32 [flamingcow]
[01:52:07] <BGreeNZ> ojnkpjg: Better not run ICQ, BitTorrent, or a zillion
01:52:34 [flamingcow]
other consumer "clients" that operate as Internet
01:52:36 [flamingcow]
eek, sorry
01:52:38 [flamingcow]
mouse gone nuts
01:53:59 [Shepard]
I thought they like cheese...
01:53:59 [BGreeNZ]
ojnkpjg: Better also check your IRC client is running in passive (firewall) mode. Don't want to be running an IRC server now ;-)
01:54:25 [BGreeNZ]
Let's not forget about your FTP client....
01:57:50 [yllona]
later folks
01:57:56 [yllona]
yllona has quit
02:00:33 [ojnkpjg]
the router they give you does allow remote administration, if you enable it
02:00:47 [ojnkpjg]
02:01:07 [ojnkpjg]
but seriously, i think they just don't want people doing webhosting and such on the service
02:03:04 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ starts installing the 7-or-so security updates available for his Debian Sarge firewall/router
02:04:26 [ojnkpjg]
i compulsively dist-upgrade
02:05:12 [BGreeNZ]
Hmm. I'm not too sure about that
02:05:24 [flamingcow]
i cron it
02:06:58 [BGreeNZ]
Picture this. I had just got Debian Woody installed on a desktop machine. About a week later, Sarge is released, so I go ahead and do the dist-upgrade and (almost) everything breaks :(
02:07:34 [ojnkpjg]
good times
02:07:45 [ojnkpjg]
i've just been running unstable for a very long time
02:07:49 [BGreeNZ]
I haven't gotten around to reinstalling Sarge on it yet, and I still have a backup of the Woody installation
02:08:11 [ojnkpjg]
debian stable lags about 3 years
02:08:43 [ojnkpjg]
i've never had it break on me, either
02:09:09 [ojnkpjg]
a few times it's wanted to remove about every package, but waiting a day or two usually gives them time to fix it
02:10:04 [BGreeNZ]
Well, in the (upgraded) Sarge installation, KDE/GNOME are a complete mess :(
02:10:09 [ojnkpjg]
02:10:25 [flamingcow]
the upgrade path is *intended* to be well tested
02:10:28 [ojnkpjg]
my machine can barely handle either of them
02:11:06 [ojnkpjg]
gnome+firefox will eat most of my ram
02:11:47 [BGreeNZ]
Sarge has been out (as stable) for several months now. Do you think it would be worth trying the upgrade again from the Woody backup?
02:12:05 [ojnkpjg]
why not just install fresh?
02:13:14 [BGreeNZ]
Yes, I think I like that idea better. I don't think there's any important data there, as I had only just started playing with it.
02:13:41 [ojnkpjg]
i have tons of cruft that has accumulated over the years here
02:13:46 [ojnkpjg]
i really ought to do a fresh install sometime
02:14:01 [BGreeNZ]
What is the recommended way to partition a desktop Debian machine?
02:14:07 [ojnkpjg]
no idea
02:14:16 [ojnkpjg]
it probably lets you select general options
02:14:29 [ojnkpjg]
i usually just make one partition the size of the whole disk for a personal machine
02:14:38 [ojnkpjg]
even though that's not always smart
02:15:05 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ notices the topic hasn't been changed yet
02:15:12 [ojnkpjg]
i don't know, maybe give /var its own partition
02:15:37 [ojnkpjg]
i can run stuff over nfs on my desktop machine faster than i can from disk
02:15:40 [ojnkpjg]
which is kind of sad
02:16:58 [Jetpack]
that is pretty sad
02:17:01 [Jetpack]
your hdd must be ancient
02:17:05 [ojnkpjg]
02:17:11 [ojnkpjg]
from 1998, i think
02:17:27 [inhouseuk]
inhouseuk has quit
02:19:43 [BGreeNZ]
Is there any easy way to share a partition between two root-level directories, e.g. var, tmp, home on one partition and usr, opt on another?
02:20:18 [flamingcow]
you can symlink opt in /usr/opt
02:20:59 [ojnkpjg]
it's been ages since i installed fresh, but i imagine you could use the shell console to create the partitions the way you want
02:21:02 [ojnkpjg]
if they still have that vt up
02:22:08 [flamingcow]
well you could mount --bind /usr /opt
02:22:13 [flamingcow]
but you'd be mixing stuff in the same dir
02:24:19 [BGreeNZ]
Oh, I can create the partitions from my boot manager before I run Setup. That's not the problem. What I want to know is if there is a way to mount a partition containing, say, /var and /home without having symlinks all over the place
02:25:28 [ojnkpjg]
you can use mount --bind
02:25:32 [fuchs]
02:26:27 [fuchs]
may I?
02:26:38 [fuchs]
you could use mount --bind :)
02:27:02 [BGreeNZ]
02:27:15 [fuchs]
see cow
02:27:36 [ojnkpjg]
oh, i didn't see that
02:27:44 [fuchs]
02:27:56 [BGreeNZ]
(I'm reading the info page for mount now, but I'm not always sure on these sorts of things)
02:28:24 [fuchs]
BGreeNZ: just use the thing flamingcow posted
02:28:32 [fuchs]
it's really that simple
02:28:38 [fuchs]
03:22:13 < flamingcow> well you could mount --bind /usr /opt
02:29:08 [BGreeNZ]
What exactly does that do?
02:29:20 [fuchs]
the thing you want
02:29:33 [ojnkpjg]
a unionfs on linux would be nice
02:29:38 [fuchs]
bind /opt to the same mountpoint as /usr
02:30:08 [ojnkpjg]
i think someone's working on one, but i am way too scared to trust it
02:32:27 [BGreeNZ]
That's not what I would want, though. Let's say, for argument's sake, that I have a partition mounted on /mnt. What I would want to do is access /mnt/var from /var and /mnt/tmp from /tmp
02:32:48 [ojnkpjg]
that's what mount --bind will do for you
02:32:53 [fuchs]
BGreeNZ: yep
02:33:07 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ suspects he may have just answered his own question, but is unsure
02:33:15 [fuchs]
BGreeNZ: it's just working with directories, you can use any subdir of a device root
02:33:27 [ojnkpjg]
it's just mount --bind cannonical mountpoint
02:33:48 [ojnkpjg]
so you could do something like mount --bind /var/tmp /tmp
02:33:52 [BGreeNZ]
So that would be mount --bind /mnt/var /var ?
02:34:00 [fuchs]
02:34:01 [LTjake]
LTjake has quit
02:34:56 [ojnkpjg]
it allows -o, too
02:35:10 [ojnkpjg]
so you could put something like -onosuid,nodev for the /tmp dirs
02:35:16 [ojnkpjg]
and etc
02:35:19 [ojnkpjg]
it's really useful
02:36:03 [johntramp]
is there a way to make picard open firefox in an existing window when looking up albums?
02:36:55 [BGreeNZ]
So, after mount --bind /mnt/tmp /tmp, would the permissions on /tmp be taken from /tmp mountpoint or /mnt/tmp directory?
02:37:11 [ojnkpjg]
/mnt/tmp, i believe
02:41:38 [BGreeNZ]
johntramp: Do you mean, you want FireFox to recycle an existing window when Picard opens it?
02:42:29 [BGreeNZ]
As opposed to creating a new window?
02:48:46 [BGreeNZ]
Interesting. johntramp asks for help, but then fails to answer a request for more info.
02:48:49 [ue\sleep\]
ue\sleep\ has joined #musicbrainz
02:51:22 [Brandon_72]
Brandon_72 has joined #musicbrainz
02:51:58 [Brandon_72]
Brandon_72 has left #musicbrainz
02:55:11 [johntramp]
BGreeNZ, sry
02:55:38 [johntramp]
when ever I locate another album it opens a separate window
02:55:49 [johntramp]
I would like it to keep the same window the whole time
02:56:19 [johntramp]
also when I locate an album it will open the same window in 2 separate tabs
02:56:49 [BGreeNZ]
So you want Firefox to recycle the current window / tab when Picard launches it. Is that correct?
02:56:55 [johntramp]
02:58:38 [fuchs]
johntramp: preferences -> tabs -> "open links from other application in" - "the most recent tab/winow"
02:58:55 [fuchs]
02:59:10 [BGreeNZ]
What he said
03:00:16 [BGreeNZ]
I was going to give you the equivalent option in Mozilla SeaMonkey, but that is more relevant to you
03:01:28 [BGreeNZ]
Catch will be, of course, that *all* links from *all* other programs will reuse the currently active tab/window, which may not be what you want
03:04:24 [BGreeNZ]
This will be in Firefox preferences, not Picard preferences, of course
03:05:06 [johntramp]
03:06:53 [BGreeNZ]
johntramp: Just make sure the currently active tab/window contains nothing important before you click on a link in any other program.
03:07:05 [UserErr0r]
UserErr0r has quit
03:07:23 [BGreeNZ]
'cause whatever's in that tab will be nuked ;-)
03:08:00 [johntramp]
03:08:02 [johntramp]
i know
03:09:36 [BGreeNZ]
Just wanted to be sure you were aware of that caveat, as it will apply to *all* programs external to FireFox, such as your e-mail client
03:10:49 [Jetpack]
Jetpack has quit
03:12:02 [BGreeNZ]
luks, are you awake at all?
03:12:23 [Shepard]
tried that before, no response :)
03:16:48 [BGreeNZ]
Me too
03:17:42 [BGreeNZ]
00:56:31 [BGreeNZ]
03:17:44 [BGreeNZ]
luks: How's it going with Picard 0.6.0?
03:20:08 [BGreeNZ]
I helped him figure out why Picard was crashing on startup when installed on Win98SE and WinME. It was looking for a UNICOW.DLL that isn't there.
03:21:05 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ wonders if *this* computer has a unicow.dll file he can pinch to see if Picard works on ME
03:22:34 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ finds hordes (well, five) of them on here
03:22:38 [luks]
luks has quit
03:22:52 [johntramp]
is luks a dev?
03:24:02 [WolfsongOpera]
03:26:44 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ swipes a copy of UNICOW.DLL version 1.0.4018.0 from OpenOffice 1.1.0 and, hey presto, up pops Picard! Yay!! :)
03:27:46 [BGreeNZ]
Now I just have to figure out what to do with it ;-)
03:27:58 [ojnkpjg]
complain about the UI :P
03:28:00 [johntramp]
johntramp has quit
03:28:16 [ojnkpjg]
that's what most people seem to do
03:29:34 [BGreeNZ]
Okay, here goes: The Picard UI looks too pretty
03:29:38 [WolfsongOpera]
something i don't understand
03:29:50 [WolfsongOpera]
MB Tagger's UI isn't that great
03:29:54 [ojnkpjg]
picard is really perfect for what i do
03:30:46 [ojnkpjg]
i think the whiner mostly have a directory with 5000 random mp3 files
03:30:57 [ojnkpjg]
03:31:10 [WolfsongOpera]
and personally i'd rather complain about web browsers :-)
03:31:25 [ojnkpjg]
can we start with IE?
03:31:42 [WolfsongOpera]
with mp3s from questionable sources
03:31:51 [WolfsongOpera]
nah lets start w/ FF
03:32:00 [WolfsongOpera]
IE gets too much attention
03:32:12 [BGreeNZ]
Micro$oft Internet Exploder, or Micro$oft Internet Exploiter?
03:32:35 [ojnkpjg]
well, let's bash lynx, then
03:32:58 [WolfsongOpera]
nah not a fair fight
03:33:05 [ojnkpjg]
03:33:15 [BGreeNZ]
Yeah, lynx is too fast!
03:33:34 [WolfsongOpera]
03:34:19 [BGreeNZ]
I just love what some web servers spew out when you point a text-only browser at them ;-)
03:34:35 [ojnkpjg]
"come back with a real browser," in not so many words
03:35:15 [ojnkpjg]
which is a form or racism, i think
03:36:41 [BGreeNZ]
[spacer.gif] [spacer.gif] Click here! Click here! [title.gif] Click here to visit our homepageHome ... etc being quite typical :)
03:37:58 [BGreeNZ]
Click what? My keyboard? :)
03:39:39 [ojnkpjg]
might work with gpm support at the console
03:40:52 [BGreeNZ]
Hmm. This computer doesn't seem to have Lynx installed. How odd.
03:41:20 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ goes off to download the latest version of Lynx for Windows
03:43:29 [ojnkpjg]
they used to have dumb terminals connected via serial cable to some server at the local library where i grew up
03:43:39 [ojnkpjg]
i felt very proud of myself for figuring out how to break out of lynx
03:44:08 [ojnkpjg]
into a vms shell
03:44:39 [WolfsongOpera]
lil hacker
03:44:43 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ never thought to try to break out of the city library's catalog program...
03:45:04 [ojnkpjg]
i just wanted to telnet out to read email
03:46:47 [BGreeNZ]
I think the Palmerston North City Library did a fairly decent job of securing most of their Wyse terminals to start with. As I recall, a large portion of the terminal's keys were glued down.
03:47:38 [ojnkpjg]
03:47:42 [mudcrow_]
mudcrow_ has quit
03:48:35 [mudcrow_]
mudcrow_ has joined #musicbrainz
03:48:37 [mudcrow_]
mudcrow_ is now known as Mudcrow
03:50:01 [BGreeNZ]
What did you do, Mudcrow.... :)
03:50:31 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ uses ChatZilla too ;-)
03:52:40 [Muz]
* Muz waves bye bye to BGreeNZ's RAM
03:54:50 [MBChatLogger]
I hate the evil empire
03:54:50 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ fires up Microsoft System Monitor to have a look
03:58:22 [toxickore]
toxickore has joined #musicbrainz
03:59:19 [BGreeNZ]
464.2MB allocated memory, 19.3MB disk cache size, 94.6MB swap in use, 2.3MB of 192MB free physical memory.
04:00:08 [BGreeNZ]
That's just with running SeaMonkey 1.0, Picard, and a couple of PuTTY windows
04:03:11 [BGreeNZ]
Muz, Mudcrow appears to use ChatZilla too:
04:03:13 [BGreeNZ]
-->|mudcrow_ ( has joined #musicbrainz
04:04:03 [Muz]
mem[Usage: 398/512MB (77.73%) [||||||||--]]
04:04:08 [Muz]
Firefox >.<
04:04:12 [Muz]
That and something else...
04:04:50 [BGreeNZ]
Ah, so FireFox is just as much a memory hog as SeaMonkey, it appears
04:06:20 [MBChatLogger]
windows == pure evil
04:06:20 [BGreeNZ]
Muz: Just imagine what my RAM usage would be like if I was running <shudder> Windoze XP
04:06:31 [Muz]
This machine is XP
04:06:55 [BGreeNZ]
Or, perhaps a more accurate term would be crawling? :-P
04:07:02 [ojnkpjg]
or thrashing
04:08:50 [Muz]
04:09:46 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ thinks his old '286 would boot faster than Windows XP on a Celeron 800 with 192MB RAM, even if I reduced the '286's RAM from 4MB back to 1MB and disabled all ROM shadowing and disk caching
04:11:59 [ojnkpjg]
i have a pentium machine that caused me no end of headaches saved in a closet
04:12:07 [ojnkpjg]
i am waiting for an opportunity to throw it from a very high place
04:13:01 [BGreeNZ]
ROM shadowing and disk caching are nice, and I was very surprised at the difference when I enabled them for the first time, but with 1MB *total* RAM at the time, we just couldn't afford to do that :(
04:13:30 [BGreeNZ]
ojnkpjg: What is wrong with the Pentium?
04:13:42 [ojnkpjg]
it had a flaky l2 cache
04:14:22 [BGreeNZ]
Oh. Too much of a speed penalty if you disable it, I suppose?
04:15:02 [ojnkpjg]
yeah, it was dog slow with it disabled
04:15:26 [ojnkpjg]
i used to have to disable it to compile libc
04:15:29 [ojnkpjg]
it took a couple of days
04:15:52 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ blinks in disbelief
04:16:16 [ojnkpjg]
i think it rated at like 20 bogomips with the cache off
04:16:21 [ojnkpjg]
maybe less
04:16:25 [ojnkpjg]
might ahve been 2
04:16:27 [ojnkpjg]
i forget
04:16:48 [BGreeNZ]
Perhaps the cache is replacable?
04:16:57 [ojnkpjg]
probably was
04:17:09 [ojnkpjg]
but i didn't know enough about how to fix it at the time
04:18:02 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ wonders how many bogoMIPS he could get out of a '286 running Bochs
04:22:57 [BGreeNZ]
Still, it seems a shame to waste it.
04:23:12 [BGreeNZ]
(the pentium, that is)
04:23:32 [Muz]
Set it up to run some useless daemon...
04:23:33 [Muz]
04:23:35 [Muz]
* Muz thinks
04:24:24 [ojnkpjg]
it's not worth the power it'd suck
04:25:11 [BGreeNZ]
I would be finding out if the L2 cache is replacable first, either as a module or individual SRAM chips
04:26:07 [BGreeNZ]
socketed ICs, that is. I wouldn't bother wasting time with a soldering iron
04:34:53 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ decides to give up trying to locate a current binary of Lynx for Win32 to download
04:38:47 [nikki_]
04:38:59 [BGreeNZ]
nikki_ cold?
04:39:14 [nikki_]
04:39:31 [nikki_]
the heating hasn't been on since like 7 last night
04:40:10 [BGreeNZ]
04:40:52 [Muz]
* Muz snuggles up in his blanket more
04:41:44 [WolfsongOpera]
* WolfsongOpera wonders if nikki_ wet the bed
04:41:52 [Muz]
04:41:58 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ stares out the window at the bright Autumn sun
04:42:39 [BGreeNZ]
01:41:45 [WolfsongOpera]
04:42:41 [BGreeNZ]
* WolfsongOpera sneaks around to nikki_ and places her hand in a bucket of water and tiptoes back
04:42:47 [BGreeNZ]
04:42:53 [nikki_]
no, I don't wet the bed.
04:43:14 [WolfsongOpera]
did you wake up face down in a bucket?
04:43:24 [nikki_]
04:43:40 [WolfsongOpera]
oh good... no guilt for me!
04:43:41 [WolfsongOpera]
04:43:46 [Muz]
* Muz thinks someone's grouchy from no sleep
04:44:03 [BGreeNZ]
nikki_: 01:41:45
04:44:39 [nikki_]
I do read the chatlogs.
04:44:53 [nikki_]
usually at college...
04:45:16 [Muz]
College... :\
04:45:30 [BGreeNZ]
Oh, so you know about the practical (or virtual?) joke wolfsong played?
04:47:47 [nikki_]
04:48:22 [WolfsongOpera]
04:48:52 [WolfsongOpera]
all the detail i put into it and that's all the commentary it gets?!?!
04:49:11 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ hands nikki_ a wet towel to slap WolfsongOpera with
04:50:11 [nikki_]
yes. it's almost 5 in the morning.
04:50:20 [SenRepus]
yl should have said "That's all, folks!" when she left
04:50:24 [BGreeNZ]
04:50:29 [Muz]
Time: 04:48:31 Date: 08 Wednesday March 06 Timezone: GMT
04:50:46 [Muz]
Hmmm, when do the post offices open :/
04:53:54 [nikki_]
you can check on or something
04:54:12 [Muz]
I'll just wait for some generic "normal" time
04:54:18 [Muz]
11am should be good I reckon
05:05:24 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ is confused by the seemingly apparant lack of anything that resembles a "Lookup" button in Picard 0.6.0, despite repeated assertions by the documentation that it exists
05:08:48 [BGreeNZ]
There is a "Lookup CD" button, but no obvious "Lookup" button :(
05:09:23 [BGreeNZ]
Oh, wait! There it is! :-o
05:09:34 [Muz]
Ooooh, I wanna ride you like the animal you are :D
05:09:38 [Muz]
* Muz <3 hair metal
05:09:51 [Muz]
Muz is now known as HairMetalListene
05:10:02 [HairMetalListene]
* HairMetalListene goes off to do some more perl
05:10:12 [toxickore]
toxickore has quit
05:10:17 [HairMetalListene]
HairMetalListene is now known as Muz
05:10:27 [Pipian]
Pipian has quit
05:13:08 [TheDarkOne]
TheDarkOne has joined #musicbrainz
05:13:52 [TheDarkOne]
when i try to compile python-musicbrainz i'm getting an error that it can't find, any idea?
05:14:22 [oqp]
oqp has joined #musicbrainz
05:19:02 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ shugs
05:20:05 [TheDarkOne]
only reason i can think of is because it's gentoo lol
05:20:56 [Muz]
Give it a week to compile
05:21:06 [TheDarkOne]
05:29:51 [BGreeNZ]
Bye-bye Picard :( "Tagger has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL"
05:31:58 [BGreeNZ]
..and again :'(
05:33:02 [Muz]
* Muz <3 MBTagger
05:33:10 [Muz]
Pish posh to Picard I say
05:34:12 [nikki_]
* nikki_ likes picard because she has albums and not random downloaded mp3s
05:34:26 [Muz]
I have albums too
05:34:36 [Muz]
I rarely if ever obtain single tracks
05:34:47 [nikki_]
mbtagger always mixes up albums with the same name
05:34:57 [Muz]
That's why I do it manually
05:35:05 [nikki_]
05:35:11 [Muz]
I find it therapeutic : P
05:35:37 [TheDarkOne]
what does belong to? anyone know?
05:35:49 [BGreeNZ]
Well, it took long enough for me to get it to actually running on 98SE / ME, that I thought I'd better give it a try
05:36:05 [BGreeNZ]
TheDarkOne: Have you tried looking in CVS?
05:36:35 [BGreeNZ]
05:38:33 [BGreeNZ]
Of course, that doesn't actually work when it's a shared library that isn't actually part of Picard :(
05:38:56 [TheDarkOne]
can't find it
05:38:58 [TheDarkOne]
05:40:12 [BGreeNZ]
Hah! Look at the #1 Google result for libLoadLibrary!
05:40:38 [TheDarkOne]
i know
05:40:53 [TheDarkOne]
i cant find anything beyond a log from here for on anywhere
05:41:08 [BGreeNZ]
TheDarkOne: Or, tunepimp or whatever it is you're working on
05:41:23 [TheDarkOne]
it's for xmms2covers
05:41:31 [TheDarkOne]
it gets the album art for every album
05:41:42 [BGreeNZ]
Try searching for it without the .so (use the link above)
05:41:47 [TheDarkOne]
i did
05:41:49 [TheDarkOne]
nothing relevant
05:42:51 [TheDarkOne]
which is why i'm completely lost.
05:42:58 [BGreeNZ]
With a name like that, I'd assume it's part of gcc?
05:43:11 [TheDarkOne]
05:43:14 [TheDarkOne]
lemme check
05:43:45 [BGreeNZ]
A library for loading libraries, perhaps?
05:44:45 [BGreeNZ]
(if that really is the case, I doubt it'd be much use when linked dynamically) :)
05:45:39 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ is a Pascal programmer, so he doesn't have to deal with all that, er, stuff
05:49:56 [TheDarkOne]
not in gcc
05:52:03 [SenRepus]
ramen noodles at bedtime... worst idea ever
05:52:09 [SenRepus]
im going to wake up from heartburn tonight
05:52:50 [SenRepus]
Tum tahTum Tum TUMS!
05:56:16 [SenRepus]
i miss the old chalky tasting tums, now they are loaded with sugar, or at least i think its sugar judging from how bad it makes my tooth hurt
05:56:52 [SenRepus]
BGreeNZ: woot i learned pascal in high school
05:57:31 [BGreeNZ]
SenRepus: I did too, but it wasn't in class ;-)
05:57:53 [SenRepus]
mine was
05:57:58 [SenRepus]
class of 9 kids
05:58:04 [BGreeNZ]
Up until then, I was hacking away in <gulp> QBASIC
05:58:17 [TheDarkOne]
SenRepus: you have any idea about
05:58:47 [SenRepus]
no, sorry, ive since stopped programing all together and run windows ME
05:58:55 [TheDarkOne]
05:59:17 [Muz]
I learnt Logo in school...
05:59:56 [SenRepus]
i only screwed with HTML before i learned pascal, took some java in college but i just find programing too dull to follow
06:01:22 [TheDarkOne]
so no one has any clue what belongs to
06:02:44 [SenRepus]
of the 4 of us here, no. there are other people who would have a better chance of konwing who arent here right now
06:03:01 [BGreeNZ]
TheDarkOne: I just asked my Debian firewall / router, and it didn't know either
06:03:13 [SenRepus]
its kind of nighttime in america and for some reason the people from over the lake are always gone when its night here
06:04:02 [BGreeNZ]
TheDarkOne: What directory is it in?
06:04:39 [BGreeNZ]
or, doesn't your computer know anything about it either?
06:04:53 [TheDarkOne]
oh, ctypes requires it
06:04:57 [TheDarkOne]
i don't have a clue
06:05:25 [BGreeNZ]
did you try find / -iname "*libload*" ?
06:06:13 [TheDarkOne]
06:06:19 [TheDarkOne]
thats it so far.
06:06:36 [TheDarkOne]
some kde stuff
06:06:43 [TheDarkOne]
06:06:46 [BGreeNZ]
06:06:54 [TheDarkOne]
nothing relevant yet
06:07:13 [SenRepus]
night everyone
06:07:24 [SenRepus]
* SenRepus takes his tums and turns the lights out
06:07:25 [BGreeNZ]
Maybe you should start more specific
06:07:53 [BGreeNZ]
like with find / -iname "*libloadlib*"
06:07:55 [mustaqila]
mustaqila has joined #musicbrainz
06:08:28 [Muz]
Muz has quit
06:09:09 [BGreeNZ]
The theory is, if you do manage to find it on your box, the path might give you a clue as to what it belongs to
06:09:20 [TheDarkOne]
well i need it
06:09:28 [TheDarkOne]
so i can use python-musicbrainz
06:09:59 [TheDarkOne]
06:10:02 [BGreeNZ]
Not sure, but you might have to login as root to find all files
06:10:31 [BGreeNZ]
"find" will only find files that *you* can see
06:10:54 [SenRepus]
06:11:16 [BGreeNZ]
SenRepus: Woot!?
06:11:37 [TheDarkOne]
i am su'd to root
06:12:47 [BGreeNZ]
Oh. So you have absolutely no files that (case insensitively) match "*libloadlib*" :(
06:14:38 [TheDarkOne]
thats right
06:15:36 [BGreeNZ]
You say ctypes needs it?
06:16:11 [TheDarkOne]
File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ctypes/", line 300, in __init__
06:16:11 [TheDarkOne]
self._handle = _dlopen(self._name, mode)
06:16:11 [TheDarkOne]
OSError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
06:16:13 [TheDarkOne]
last lines
06:22:14 [BGreeNZ]
06:23:17 [BGreeNZ]
Where does "LoadLibrary" appear in the source?
06:23:31 [TheDarkOne]
source of what?
06:24:06 [BGreeNZ]
Your program, or ctypes
06:24:31 [TheDarkOne]
the program is python-musicbrainz
06:24:35 [TheDarkOne]
i have no clue where in ctypes
06:25:33 [BGreeNZ]
I'm just wondering if maybe "LoadLibrary" is a string that's passed around somewhere, that ends up being used to construct a (non-existant) filename
06:25:46 [BGreeNZ]
Have you tried grepping for it?
06:26:50 [TheDarkOne]
1 sec
06:29:08 [TheDarkOne]
from _ctypes import LoadLibrary as _dlopen
06:29:59 [SenRepus]
SenRepus has quit
06:32:59 [BGreeNZ]
Is that the only reference?
06:33:17 [TheDarkOne]
and thats if it was windows nt or ce
06:36:04 [BGreeNZ]
That makes perfect sense. All the references to libLoadLibrary on Google are in the context of Windows or cygwin, aren't they?
06:36:22 [TheDarkOne]
i suppose
06:36:23 [TheDarkOne]
06:36:28 [TheDarkOne]
why am i getting this
06:36:32 [TheDarkOne]
since im linux
06:36:52 [TheDarkOne]
and when i commented out that line
06:36:52 [BGreeNZ]
Yes, that is the question
06:36:54 [TheDarkOne]
nothing changes
06:39:42 [BGreeNZ]
that line seems to me to be importing LoadLibrary and renaming it to _dlopen
06:40:18 [BGreeNZ]
so, what other references to "import .* _dlopen" are there?
06:40:19 [TheDarkOne]
for windows ce
06:40:51 [TheDarkOne]
elif == "posix":
06:40:51 [TheDarkOne]
from _ctypes import dlopen as _dlopen
06:42:15 [BGreeNZ]
So, the question now is to find out why the "from _ctypes import LoadLibrary as _dlopen" path is being executed
06:42:23 [TheDarkOne]
it isn't
06:42:32 [TheDarkOne]
because i still get the same error with that line commented out
06:43:02 [BGreeNZ]
Did you recompile it?
06:43:45 [TheDarkOne]
it's a .py file
06:43:53 [TheDarkOne]
they compile on the fly
06:43:54 [TheDarkOne]
like perl
06:43:56 [TheDarkOne]
or tcl
06:44:13 [TheDarkOne]
or java
06:45:07 [BGreeNZ]
Yes, I'm well aware of that, but Python likes to keep compiled versions of all those .py files lying around
06:45:17 [TheDarkOne]
06:45:21 [TheDarkOne]
06:45:22 [TheDarkOne]
06:45:57 [BGreeNZ]
Yes, exactly. So, are you sure the .py file(s) are actually being recompiled?
06:46:27 [TheDarkOne]
06:46:32 [TheDarkOne]
removed the compiled versions
06:46:36 [TheDarkOne]
same error.
06:47:22 [BGreeNZ]
Even with the only reference to "LoadLibrary" in the entire source commented out?
06:47:42 [TheDarkOne]
06:47:56 [BGreeNZ]
Seems impossible
06:48:38 [BGreeNZ]
Can you add something to that .py file to print a message on the screen?
06:48:38 [TheDarkOne]
06:48:47 [TheDarkOne]
i dont know python
06:49:59 [BGreeNZ]
print "Hello" seems to work...
06:50:08 [TheDarkOne]
it might be boehm-gc
06:50:08 [TheDarkOne]
06:50:09 [TheDarkOne]
1 sec
06:50:22 [TheDarkOne]
because dlopen-gc belongs to it
06:50:42 [TheDarkOne]
dl open is dynamic link loading
06:50:45 [TheDarkOne]
06:53:43 [TheDarkOne]
which ties to ld
06:54:17 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ installed Python for the sole purpose of playing Pysol :)
06:55:31 [BGreeNZ]
* BGreeNZ then (somehow) managed to get Pysol to run under Python 2.3 or 2.4, including the sound server
06:55:45 [BGreeNZ]
on Windows, that is
06:57:48 [BGreeNZ]
Point is, there has to be some logical reason why your program is still looking for "" when it clearly shouldn't be.
06:58:05 [TheDarkOne]
probably ties into dlopen
06:59:10 [BGreeNZ]
Maybe, but that "LoadLibrary" text *has* to come from *somewhere*
07:00:08 [orogor]
orogor has joined #musicbrainz
07:00:09 [BGreeNZ]
And, the most logical place is that (commented out) line in whichever .py file it is.
07:01:13 [BGreeNZ]
Python isn't, by chance, still running the old compiled version of your program, is it?
07:01:20 [TheDarkOne]
07:01:29 [TheDarkOne]
im trying redoing binutils and libtools
07:01:49 [BGreeNZ]
Can you force it to rebuild, just to be sure?
07:03:04 [TheDarkOne]
i di
07:03:05 [TheDarkOne]
07:03:17 [TheDarkOne]
because i made a mistake and it gave an error
07:04:02 [BGreeNZ]
07:07:40 [BGreeNZ]
Still, in order for the text "LoadLibrary" to appear in that error message, it *must* appear somewhere in one of the source files or precompiled libraries. The compiler / interpreter can't just magically pluck it out of thin air
07:10:15 [BGreeNZ]
Any chance you could make a out of the relevant files, starting with the one "LoadLibrary" appears in and the main file of your app?
07:10:33 [TheDarkOne]
the LoadLibrary is in ctypes
07:10:41 [TheDarkOne]
the app is python-musicbrainz
07:11:05 [BGreeNZ]
Yes, but I can't see those.
07:12:41 [g0llum]
g0llum has joined #musicbrainz
07:15:23 [intgr]
intgr has quit
07:17:07 [BGreeNZ]
I don't have those files on this computer (running WinME, btw)
07:18:21 [TheDarkOne]
it doesnt seem to be anything relevant in those files :/
07:21:50 [BGreeNZ]
Then, how is it possible that you are getting that error message? Python can't just pluck that text out of nothing. It's deterministic, not magic
07:33:22 [intgr]
intgr has joined #musicbrainz
07:35:42 [BGreeNZ]
Where do I get python-musicbrainz, then?
07:40:38 [yalaforge]
yalaforge has joined #musicbrainz
07:40:58 [yalaforge]
TheDarkOne: still trouble with python-mb?
07:42:02 [mustaqila] I wonder what it;d be like to have one of those for this room
07:43:49 [yalaforge]
well, whatever. if he returns tell him he's running the wrong version of ctypes
07:44:24 [yalaforge] changed the API, which was obviously a bad idea. use ctypes 0.9.6 and it'll work
07:44:27 [yalaforge]
yalaforge has quit
07:54:47 [Shrikey]
Shrikey has joined #MusicBrainz
07:54:53 [Shrikey]
Shrikey has quit
07:59:24 [BGreeNZ]
BGreeNZ has quit
08:32:00 [luks]
luks has joined #musicbrainz
08:45:44 [pankkake]
pankkake has quit
08:55:20 [pankkake]
pankkake has joined #musicbrainz
09:20:21 [Shepard`]
Shepard` has joined #musicbrainz
09:36:59 [Shepard]
Shepard has quit
09:36:59 [Shepard`]
Shepard` is now known as Shepard
09:48:45 [sidd]
sidd has joined #musicbrainz
09:50:41 [sidd]
hey, I need some help trying to use MBQ_FileInfoLookup
09:50:54 [sidd]
what arguments should i give with it? it doesnt say in the docs
09:51:16 [sidd]
doing it with the perl module btw
09:54:45 [sidd]
ah, never mind. found it in the docs
09:54:51 [sidd]
* sidd hides
11:29:17 [luks]
luks has quit
11:38:39 [Shepard`]
Shepard` has joined #musicbrainz
11:45:48 [sidd]
11:46:01 [sidd]
i still cant work out MBQ_FileInfoLookup
11:46:18 [sidd]
anyone familiar with the perl module? i cant work out how to pass the arguments
11:46:47 [sidd]
when i give them as an array like [artist,album,title] it doesnt seem to be working
11:55:54 [Shepard]
Shepard has quit
11:55:55 [Shepard`]
Shepard` is now known as Shepard
11:57:14 [HairMetalAddict]
Used the perl module, but never that particular command, so no clue here.
12:00:32 [sidd]
hm, well. i gather it would be the same for any query with multiple args
12:00:43 [sidd]
i could just be doing something simple wrong
12:04:21 [HairMetalAddict]
I use it in a script run every 1-2 months to compare already-tagged MP3s to the current information at MB (spelling, artist, caps changes and such), so I only send the MBIDs that are found in the MP3s.
12:04:26 [HairMetalAddict]
$query = [$mp3info{'ambid'}];
12:04:26 [HairMetalAddict]
if (!$mb->query_with_args(MBQ_GetArtistById, $query)) {
12:04:47 [HairMetalAddict]
$mp3info{'ambid'} is the artist MBID found in the MP3
12:05:21 [HairMetalAddict]
in this example
12:05:59 [sidd]
12:06:52 [sidd]
okay, in
12:06:59 [sidd]
it gives a bit list of parameters
12:10:25 [HairMetalAddict]
I think ...
12:10:27 [HairMetalAddict]
$query = [$artistname, $albumname, $trackname, $tracknum, $duration, $filename, $artistid, $albumid, $maxitems];
12:10:45 [HairMetalAddict]
With empty strings sent where you're not sending info.
12:10:55 [sidd]
yeah. ill play a bit more
12:11:04 [HairMetalAddict]
$mb->query_with_args(MBQ_FileInfoLookup, $query)
12:11:25 [HairMetalAddict]
Not guaranteeing that, though. That's what I'd guess, not having tried it.
12:26:02 [LTjake]
LTjake has joined #musicbrainz
12:27:04 [chocomo]
* chocomo roll
12:27:57 [sidd]
HairMetalAddict: worked it out
12:28:10 [sidd]
i had to put a blank entry at the start of the array
12:28:12 [sidd]
no idea why
12:28:24 [sidd]
eg ["",artist,album,track]
12:30:51 [HairMetalAddict]
Odd. But if it works...
12:33:36 [sidd]
yeah, maybe the values arnt in the same order as listed in that link :/
12:42:40 [HairMetalAddict]
Or [0] doesn't get used in the array. Artist is [1] and so on...
12:42:54 [sidd]
yeah, that too
13:10:01 [Jetpack]
Jetpack has joined #musicbrainz
13:22:52 [GURT]
g0llum: are you around?
13:27:00 [g0llum]
13:29:37 [chocomo]
13:29:48 [chocomo]
13:32:21 [fctk]
fctk has joined #musicbrainz
13:32:26 [fctk]
13:32:35 [chocomo]
13:32:44 [fctk]
i'm new to mb moderations
13:32:50 [chocomo]
wow your nick is.. misunderstanable
13:33:02 [fctk]
what is the difference between "feat." and "pres." ?
13:33:24 [fctk]
chocomo, my nick?
13:33:56 [sidd]
hrm, how complete is the ASIN query feature? i mean, do most albums on musicbrainz have an ASIN?
13:34:38 [chocomo]
asin query feature is turned off. only manual adds now
13:34:42 [fctk]
on the cd cover it is written "pres.", but on mb it is written "feat." instead. should i correct it?
13:34:52 [chocomo]
fctk: no
13:34:56 [chocomo]
13:35:02 [chocomo]
wat does pres. mean
13:35:08 [fctk]
i don't know
13:35:11 [_thom_]
13:35:23 [_thom_]
or presents?
13:35:23 [fctk]
13:35:42 [sidd]
hurm, asin is turned off? are there plans to have it turned back on?
13:35:49 [chocomo]
sidd: no
13:35:54 [fctk]
anyway, if i click on "guess case" it corrects it to "Pres." with "P" uppercase
13:35:55 [chocomo]
just manualy add therm
13:35:55 [_thom_]
like if this artist being 'pres.' is their first time appearing on a record label?
13:36:14 [_thom_]
eg a new actor/actress in a movie or something. I dunno
13:36:39 [fctk]
ok i understood. i keep "feat.".
13:38:10 [fctk]
13:38:21 [fctk]
it is the artist i am speaking about
13:38:26 [fctk]
someone already created it
13:38:36 [chocomo]
13:38:42 [chocomo]
evil evil nebies (not you9
13:39:05 [fctk]
it is a wrong thing making a new entry such as: "deijay presents svetla"?
13:39:11 [chocomo]
13:39:12 [chocomo]
13:39:16 [fctk]
13:39:16 [chocomo]
please do not
13:39:28 [chocomo]
have you read ?
13:39:56 [chocomo]
its a good place to start anyway :)
13:41:33 [fctk]
it only speaks about "feat."
13:42:24 [ojnkpjg]
13:42:28 [ojnkpjg]
so i added this artist a while ago:
13:42:30 [ojnkpjg]
13:42:30 [ojnkpjg]
electronic netlabel musician on monotonik
13:42:44 [ojnkpjg]
there is about a 20:1 bogus album ratio
13:42:53 [ojnkpjg]
i guess people just ignore the resolution note
13:43:18 [chocomo]
they are asses
13:43:23 [chocomo]
13:43:30 [chocomo]
erh asshats
13:43:39 [ojnkpjg]
i wish modbot would mail you about subscribed artists on va albums
13:43:47 [chocomo]
god yes
13:43:50 [ojnkpjg]
i should enter a trac ticket
13:43:52 [ojnkpjg]
if there isn't one
13:43:58 [chocomo]
tere should be 20
13:44:01 [chocomo]
13:44:02 [ojnkpjg]
13:44:03 [chocomo]
13:44:29 [Shepard]
13:44:37 [ojnkpjg]
13:44:47 [GURT]
13:44:56 [ojnkpjg]
ok, now it's ruined for everyone
13:45:08 [chocomo]
13:45:12 [ojnkpjg]
13:45:17 [GURT]
sorry my chair swivles
13:46:05 [ojnkpjg]
You Make Me Sick TRM Pink (Change)
13:46:07 [ojnkpjg]
that's about right
13:46:21 [chocomo]
13:46:26 [chocomo]
dakar ojnk
13:46:43 [chocomo]
I haver the same prolem with mana / maná and Duke Ellington
13:48:25 [Shepard] err...
13:49:12 [chocomo]
13:50:33 [Shepard]
that's strange:
13:50:37 [Shepard]
the last track is being added
13:50:42 [Shepard]
but it has a disc id
13:50:48 [Shepard]
guess he submitted that afterwards
13:51:10 [Shepard]
yes he did
13:51:11 [Shepard]
13:51:19 [ojnkpjg]
i only just now noticed the "approve" link after zout's email
13:57:59 [inhouseuk]
inhouseuk has joined #musicbrainz
14:02:08 [orogor]
orogor has quit
14:04:33 [chocomo]
jeg burde egentlig vaske opp
14:04:44 [chocomo]
ska se hvor lenge jeg can utsette det
14:06:02 [chocomo]
chocomo has left #musicbrainz
14:09:32 [chocomo]
chocomo has joined #musicbrainz
14:14:01 [g0llum]
g0llum has quit
14:15:11 [Amblienne]
Amblienne has joined #musicbrainz
14:19:08 [Amblin]
Amblin has quit
14:31:00 [Shepard]
some votes please:
14:31:13 [zout]
zout has joined #musicbrainz
14:31:17 [zout]
14:33:27 [Shepard]
hi zout
14:34:25 [Shepard]
where was this guess case test suite again...
14:34:32 [zout]
I could use some votes on
14:35:16 [chocomo]
wow i could remember when we hit mod nr 3000000
14:35:36 [zout]
Shepard: can't find it in my mail
14:42:19 [fctk]
another question
14:42:26 [fctk]
i have a cd made by a certain artist
14:42:36 [fctk]
all tracks except one are made by that artist
14:42:47 [fctk]
how can i show one track is not made by him?
14:43:02 [sidd]
<-- bed time
14:43:06 [sidd]
sidd is now known as sidd|sleep
14:43:18 [zout]
click on 'Show artists'
14:43:25 [zout]
and then change the track artist for that track
14:43:33 [zout]
with a modnote of course
14:43:58 [fctk]
ok thanks
14:44:13 [g0llum]
g0llum has joined #musicbrainz
14:45:27 [zout]
which album are you talking about?
14:46:33 [Shepard]
14:50:08 [g0llum]
yes Shepard
14:50:37 [Shepard]
GC will change "Bla (vs. Bla)" to "Bla (vs.Bla)" :]
14:51:22 [g0llum]
i you want this, i can code that, yes :-)
14:51:29 [g0llum]
or am i misunderstanding you?
14:51:30 [g0llum]
14:52:33 [g0llum]
ticket, please
14:53:27 [Shepard]
can you link me to the test suite on the server again, please?
14:54:15 [g0llum]
14:54:33 [g0llum]
this link needs to be featured somewhere prominent, i guess
14:57:29 [Shepard]
argh I even had it in my bookmarks
15:00:49 [HairMetalAddict] <-- The album title that Guess Case will never get correct. ;-)
15:01:26 [HairMetalAddict]
Exceptions to "feat." are impossible to code in, of course.
15:03:28 [GURT] should i have left this as fixed or should it be marked as fixed when the fix is uploaded and on the site?
15:06:26 [oqp]
oqp has quit
15:08:26 [Shepard]
HMA: why is this an exception?
15:08:57 [toxickore]
toxickore has joined #musicbrainz
15:09:19 [GURT]
The album title is a joke
15:09:49 [Shepard]
indeed ;)
15:12:11 [g0llum]
GURT: technically, the ticket can be closed. but someone has got to check them into CVS. i'll do that in a sec
15:12:36 [GURT]
ok, thanks. i didn't know if it was marked closed if it would get over looked or something
15:14:11 [Shepard]
if the album title really is an exception, why did noone yet add that to the annotation? lazy asses
15:14:28 [GURT]
yeah.. lazy asses
15:15:15 [g0llum]
thing don't do themselves here :)
15:15:31 [g0llum]
you have to bug (and bug times again) people who have cvs access to do it
15:15:37 [GURT]
that dosen't stop people from waiting for them to though :-P
15:16:34 [g0llum]
nobody is subscribed to the other category, that's why :)
15:16:55 [g0llum]
zouts version is the one to use?
15:17:05 [GURT]
15:17:10 [GURT]
mine uses the old search
15:17:38 [GURT]
it'd be nice to have the option for both on the page as long as we have the option of the search on the search pages
15:17:45 [g0llum]
15:18:33 [zout]
yes, and I like the old search better!
15:18:44 [GURT]
(me too)
15:19:35 [zout]
something else: why is removing a release date an autoedit for automoderators these days?
15:19:57 [zout]
15:22:31 [GURT]
i wish when i clicked on an albums "view album edits" that it showed me track edits on that album as well
15:22:59 [GURT]
is that something taht will be changed? or is there a reason that it dosen't already?
15:28:00 [fctk]
fctk has quit
15:28:44 [zout]
GURT: if I understand correctly, that was too much a strain on the database
15:35:32 [Mudcrow] votes please
15:36:16 [Mudcrow]
it always helps to spell the bands name correctly when searching :/
15:38:42 [luks]
luks has joined #musicbrainz
15:38:51 [GURT]
dosen't matter witht he new search! i think you're more apt to get the band you're looking for if you spell it wrong. :D
15:39:00 [GURT]
hi luks
15:39:15 [luks]
15:43:39 [Mudcrow]
I searched twice for pink torpedos got no results, only noticed after I added the album its spelt Pink Torpedoes
15:48:33 [GURT]
oysterhead is playing bonnaroo, i hope they will tour again
15:48:34 [Mudcrow]
I'm surprised the album is already in MB, Pink Torpedoes fan base must have doubled. Theres at least two of us now
16:09:16 [luks]
fuchs: ping
16:09:28 [fuchs]
16:09:47 [luks]
do you have any idea how to fix the approve vs modbot issue?
16:10:11 [luks]
because it causes more than just an added note :/
16:10:21 [luks]
modpending for those entities is -1
16:10:52 [fuchs]
16:11:01 [fuchs]
typical problem where you add semaphores ;)
16:11:08 [fuchs]
just kidding
16:11:16 [fuchs]
no idea yet
16:12:07 [luks]
i would have to ask ruaok to fix the broken modpending fields
16:12:23 [g0llum]
GURT: i've checked in the firefox plugins
16:12:29 [g0llum]
can you check them quickly?
16:12:31 [g0llum]
16:13:21 [fuchs]
luks: easiest way would be to add another status for TOBEAPPROVED or something, and let those approves be handled by modbot as well
16:14:24 [fuchs]
but that would reduce the benefits we earn from this feature :/
16:14:39 [luks]
or change modbot's loop to something like: while (1) { $mod = load_one_open_mod(); if (!$mod) break; ... }
16:14:47 [luks]
which would slow down it :/
16:14:47 [fuchs]
16:14:55 [fuchs]
yes, a lot
16:15:01 [luks]
i know
16:15:46 [luks]
or some flag at start and end of modbot's loop. so we can simply disable approving while modbot runs
16:16:22 [fuchs]
where would you put such flag?
16:16:29 [luks]
that's the problem
16:17:05 [fuchs]
maybe when ModBot sees a STATUS_APPLIED mod, _then_ do the reloading of only this mod
16:17:31 [luks]
ModBot can't see STATUS_APPLIED mod
16:17:51 [nikki_]
* nikki_ returns
16:17:55 [luks]
it has old data, so it sees only open or tobedeleted mods
16:17:56 [fuchs]
it sets STATUS_APPLIED for mods
16:19:39 [fuchs]
luks: line 319ff, there it knows about the current state according to the old data
16:20:40 [fuchs]
luks: in this loop ignore all mods that have APPLIED and are updated
16:21:47 [fuchs]
luks: you know what i mean?
16:21:53 [luks]
16:21:53 [sidd|sleep]
sidd|sleep has quit
16:22:42 [fuchs]
so in if ($newstate == STATUS_APPLIED) first load the mod again from the moderation_open table and decide whether to silently drop it or continue it's processing
16:23:08 [luks]
yep, that's probably the only thing we can do
16:23:12 [fuchs]
i think there are max a few 100 mods applied in every modbot run
16:25:15 [fuchs]
luks: we could also add a table lock, so approves are not possible durring modbot runs as you said, but that would mean you can't add any mod
16:26:31 [luks]
yes, that would be too restrictive
16:31:20 [GURT]
g0llum: i have no idea what to do with that page :P
16:33:21 [g0llum]
you can click on the files and review the contents :)
16:33:53 [g0llum]
i've added a lucene "u" into the icons
16:34:05 [g0llum]
replaced the old plugin with the lucene urls
16:34:10 [GURT]
ah,. i tried to download them all to throw in the search plugin folder
16:34:11 [g0llum]
added ...-old plugins and images
16:34:17 [GURT]
it looks fine to me
16:34:53 [GURT]
16:34:58 [g0llum]
what do you think about the images, ok?
16:34:59 [g0llum]
16:35:18 [GURT]
yeah i saw them. looks good
16:35:20 [g0llum]
just a quick fix
16:35:38 [fuchs]
luks: hmm, still, this would only reduce the probability of the occurence of such conflicts
16:35:55 [fuchs]
16:36:19 [g0llum]
GURT: i had not installed them yet, they are quite useful in fact :)
16:36:27 [GURT]
16:36:43 [GURT]
it looks like the new .scr files need to have .gif changed to .png
16:37:21 [fuchs]
luks: so going one step down in the tree, and do the handling in Moderation::CloseModeration by checking if the "UPDATE moderation_open SET status = ? WHERE id = ?" succeeded would be even better
16:37:33 [fuchs]
and less code
16:37:45 [g0llum]
no, the pngs are just in there because png supports layers
16:37:58 [GURT]
updateIcon="" should be <browser
16:37:58 [GURT]
16:37:58 [GURT]
16:37:58 [GURT]
16:38:21 [g0llum]
for the chance that someone does not like the icons and i have to re-create them...
16:38:28 [g0llum]
oh, let me see
16:38:35 [GURT]
but the .src will see the old icons and ignore the .pngs
16:38:51 [fuchs]
luks: we just had to return a success status in CloseModeration and check this in ModBot, and continue with the next mod in the loop
16:39:20 [fuchs]
+in case it failed
16:39:38 [luks]
fuchs: modbot checks for prerequisites and calls DaniedAction, *before* calling the CloseModeration
16:40:05 [fuchs]
16:40:22 [g0llum]
no, .GIF is fine. i've exportem them from fireworks, which uses PNG to save layers
16:40:44 [g0llum]
so, ignoring the PNG is quite what i wanted :)
16:41:30 [GURT]
there are 1 set of 3 .src files -- shouldn't there be 2?
16:41:50 [GURT]
1 set for old search 1 for lucene
16:42:41 [g0llum]
you have to select the branch, else you won't see them
16:42:54 [g0llum]
tricky stuff this cvs webview huh? :)
16:42:58 [GURT]
ok.. im not familiar with this is all
16:43:07 [g0llum]
16:44:08 [GURT]
im just going to trust you how about that :)
16:46:03 [Brandon_72]
Brandon_72 has joined #musicbrainz
16:46:27 [Brandon_72]
Brandon_72 has left #musicbrainz
16:46:46 [GURT]
i still think updateIcon=""
16:46:46 [GURT]
should be .png because the PNG files hae the U.. and when i install these i wont see the U because i already have musicbrainzalbum.gif
16:49:47 [GURT]
i'll copy the files locally and test it out after i eat some lunch
16:50:36 [g0llum]
g0llum has quit
17:13:03 [chocomo]
17:15:22 [ojnkpjg]
i like this one
17:15:23 [ojnkpjg]
17:24:56 [Shepard]
aww mr slowhand
17:27:39 [chocomo]
uff lol
17:47:54 [yalaforge]
yalaforge has joined #musicbrainz
18:34:47 [yalaforge]
yalaforge has quit
18:44:54 [kcapteJ]
kcapteJ has joined #musicbrainz
18:45:14 [Jetpack]
Jetpack has quit
18:45:18 [kcapteJ]
kcapteJ is now known as Jetpack
19:11:03 [chocomo]
chocomo has quit
19:15:12 [chocomo]
chocomo has joined #musicbrainz
19:24:36 [Jetpack]
Jetpack has quit
19:27:37 [chocomo]
erh.. wtf is going on with asins
19:28:51 [HairMetalAddict]
"Dead ASIIIIINS can't take care of themselves...."
19:29:31 [chocomo]
hair: you don't care about this, its ミニモニ。
19:29:35 [chocomo]
19:31:44 [HairMetalAddict]
Squiggly lines! Run for yer lives!!!
19:31:47 [GURT]
whats the ASIN issue?
19:32:36 [nikki_]
* nikki_ can read it fine :P
19:32:57 [Jetpack]
Jetpack has joined #musicbrainz
19:33:20 [chocomo]
album has an asin but cover is not turinig up, same is true for albums that I *knew* had album art before
19:33:25 [chocomo]
19:33:26 [chocomo]
19:33:30 [chocomo]
wtf bold
19:33:39 [chocomo]
19:33:42 [chocomo]
jøss da
19:33:53 [nikki_]
* nikki_ is glad she has colours/styles off
19:33:59 [chocomo]
good idea
19:34:04 [chocomo]
it was an accident anywa
19:34:05 [chocomo]
19:34:14 [GURT]
well.. the ASIN is still correct
19:34:14 [nikki_]
19:34:34 [nikki_]
* nikki_ watches 自殺サークル again
19:39:08 [yllona]
yllona has joined #musicbrainz
19:41:59 [chocomo]
oh, soall mu hard work to linbk albumsto their correct release is just 'so it will work' then? if you haven't noticed. there is no 'purchase' type link. even if the coverart didn't work, there should be a bye link. but there is no point
19:42:03 [chocomo]
apparently whatever
19:42:18 [chocomo]
19:43:00 [chocomo]
chocomo has left #musicbrainz
19:44:24 [LTjake]
LTjake has quit
19:49:29 [GURT]
they speak as if they are the only one that adds ASINs to albums..
19:55:02 [zout]
maybe someone with database access can do a Add ASIN AR query to see who add them the most?
19:55:36 [nikki_]
19:59:26 [zout]
response to GURT's remark
19:59:38 [nikki_]
20:00:02 [nikki_]
* nikki_ checks the chatlogs
20:00:57 [nikki_]
I see.
20:02:41 [zout]
It's really not important
20:02:55 [zout]
although I'm curious how many ASIN's already have been added
20:03:29 [nikki_]
I can do that much
20:04:03 [zout]
I'd like that
20:04:32 [nikki_]
although right now my replication is a couple of days out of date
20:04:39 [luks]
5920 ASIN URLs
20:04:48 [nikki_]
20:04:52 [luks]
20:04:54 [nikki_]
* nikki_ won't do that much
20:08:49 [zout]
20:08:57 [zout]
20:09:25 [luks]
20:11:18 [luks]
i can't do much about that :/
20:12:41 [luks]
we shouldn't push ruaok to rename newsearch.html to oldsearch.html :)
20:23:11 [zout]
of course not
20:24:18 [luks]
nope, that was wrong tense used in that sentence :)
20:26:06 [luks]
* luks goes back to coding...
20:32:03 [oqp]
oqp has joined #musicbrainz
20:55:03 [yllona]
has ruaok left for burning man?
20:55:30 [nikki_]
I thought that was august
20:56:47 [chocomo]
chocomo has joined #musicbrainz
20:57:37 [yllona]
oh yeah, sorry i was thinking the msuic festival in Austin, SXSW.
21:05:58 [oqp]
oqp has quit
21:08:04 [chocomo]
21:08:33 [chocomo]
* chocomo wants nikki to give him some tips on what to add to tag
21:09:00 [chocomo]
has to be bouncy
21:10:10 [TheDarkOne]
TheDarkOne has left #musicbrainz
21:11:10 [sandeen]
sandeen has left #musicbrainz
21:12:18 [nikki_]
21:12:36 [chocomo]
21:20:40 [chocomo]
21:24:22 [oqp]
oqp has joined #musicbrainz
21:25:50 [oqp]
oqp has quit
21:35:33 [rowaasr13]
rowaasr13 has joined #musicbrainz
21:35:36 [chocomo]
21:35:44 [chocomo]
crtl+shift click in opera
21:35:46 [chocomo]
21:36:22 [rowaasr13]
31 applied changes for Kajiura in subscription report. Why did I knew that it is caps again even without looking?
21:36:34 [rowaasr13]
I hate, hate, hate it.
21:36:43 [chocomo]
because people lare idiots
21:36:45 [chocomo]
21:37:06 [rowaasr13]
Editing it back now.
21:37:26 [rowaasr13]
Any news on making that not auto-mod or way of quick reverting around?
21:37:51 [chocomo]
album locking is part of scmeo 2 I think
21:37:59 [chocomo]
21:38:21 [rowaasr13]
That's interesting, but some sort of generic revertin facility would be good too.
21:38:38 [nikki_]
* nikki_ hates trying to read kanji names from screenshots
21:38:54 [chocomo]
row: that will also pe part of schema 2
21:38:54 [rowaasr13]
Damn, one of those albums had those caps edit just a two days ago and now I'm reverting it once again...
21:38:58 [chocomo]
total wiki style
21:39:22 [rowaasr13]
Oh, what a joy! That will be just the best.
21:39:27 [chocomo]
21:40:36 [rowaasr13]
nikki_, yeah, especially when you don't remember it and kanji is too blurry to accurately count strokes for search.
21:41:00 [g0llum]
g0llum has joined #musicbrainz
21:41:33 [nikki_]
rowaasr13: well, I can't read many kanji to start with :(
21:42:00 [rowaasr13]
I have one artist in my subscription list whose reading for name is most likely wrong - I'm 90% sure of that. I have scan of booklet with romanization and string length is quite different from what is set as romanization now, but it too blurry to read what it actually is!
21:42:57 [nikki_] <- this is what I'm trying to understand
21:43:18 [nikki_]
or rather, what the artist for sore de wa minsan sayounara is
21:43:50 [nikki_]
er, minasan
21:44:12 [chocomo]
I wanted to ask qacuestion about japanese
21:44:15 [nikki_]
21:44:25 [chocomo]
I know that trhey need open vovels
21:44:28 [rowaasr13]
Speaking of scans, anybody know about good source of cover/booklet scans for japanese works?
21:44:38 [chocomo]
and the only consonatn that can be is n
21:44:54 [yllona]
21:45:02 [chocomo]
(exept for chu tsu etc) so how is 'teMpura possible?
21:45:03 [rowaasr13]
n' consonant is actually a syllable too.
21:45:15 [rowaasr13]
Because it is tenpura.
21:45:15 [chocomo]
yes exactly
21:45:19 [nikki_]
chocomo: it's written tenpura
21:45:19 [chocomo]
but what about m?
21:45:24 [chocomo]
21:45:26 [chocomo]
21:45:32 [nikki_]
the syllabic n is pronounced as m or n
21:45:39 [chocomo]
21:45:50 [rowaasr13]
n is sometimes romanised as m before n t and p because it sounds slightly different in this position.
21:46:03 [nikki_]
I thought it was p, b and m
21:46:23 [rowaasr13]
Ahem... I'm thinking slowly today.
21:46:25 [chocomo]
hmm ranma?
21:46:29 [chocomo]
21:46:31 [chocomo]
21:46:41 [nikki_]
n and t are articulated in the same place as n, so it wouldn't make much sense to change it to m there...
21:46:50 [nikki_]
21:46:53 [rowaasr13]
Right. You can write it as Ramma too. :)
21:46:54 [nikki_]
I write silly things sometimes
21:47:01 [chocomo]
yea I noticed
21:47:20 [chocomo]
the pronounicatinon in the anime is very simmialr to 'ramma' yes
21:47:23 [rowaasr13]
Actually in russian's Polivanov transcription this n->m change is mandatory so you HAVE to write it that way.
21:47:49 [chocomo]
21:48:09 [rowaasr13]
Nay, Polivanov is authors name - like Hepburn.
21:48:16 [chocomo]
å sånn :p
21:50:14 [chocomo]
* chocomo should do the dishes :(
21:50:25 [chocomo]
I know! I'll take minimoni with me!
21:50:34 [rowaasr13]
Name up to featuring is Kuramoto Mitsuru. Sorry, no kanji in this mIRC.
21:51:54 [rowaasr13]
I have to go AFK for a while now. I'll be back in a hour.
21:53:00 [nikki_]
21:53:02 [nikki_]
22:06:02 [oqp]
oqp has joined #musicbrainz
22:13:11 [Shepard]
* Shepard is back :o
22:13:53 [nikki_]
hi shep
22:14:34 [Shepard]
22:16:26 [nikki_]
22:16:38 [nikki_]
l'âme immortelle are releasing another single :o
22:23:33 [toxickore]
toxickore has quit
22:29:15 [Mudcrow]
these amazon asin errors are really starting to piss me off
22:31:42 [oqp]
oqp has quit
22:35:16 [Shepard]
.oO( some people have problems... )
22:36:10 [Mudcrow]
seems almost every asin i've entered either now doesnt show as anything or say there is no image
22:37:21 [GURT]
its because they know you go back to check on it and want to play games with you
22:42:35 [zout]
zout has quit
22:46:15 [Shepard]
someone stole my all-time charts
22:47:03 [Mudcrow]
* Mudcrow goes off to listen to Atilla The Stockbroker & John Otway - Cheryl: A Rock Opera (An everyday tale of Satanism, Trainspotting, Drug Abuse and Unrequited Love)
22:47:49 [Mudcrow]
and a goat
22:49:30 [toxickore]
toxickore has joined #musicbrainz
22:49:32 [fuchs]
Shepard: not me :)
22:49:42 [Shepard]
sure, who else
22:51:21 [fuchs]
* fuchs points at mustaqila
22:51:27 [Shepard]
gib sie zurück, du sau!
22:51:28 [mustaqila]
22:51:41 [fuchs]
i just stole the switch ;)
22:51:54 [mustaqila]
22:51:56 [mustaqila]
22:52:01 [mustaqila]
I just wake up and I'm confused
22:52:17 [fuchs]
nice start of the day :)
22:52:29 [mustaqila]
It was a nap ; )
22:53:34 [fuchs]
Shepard: hmm seem that not only your charts have been stolen ;)
22:53:43 [fuchs]
22:53:48 [mustaqila]
* mustaqila thinksa clustefr may be broken
22:53:50 [mustaqila]
* mustaqila looks
22:54:20 [Shepard]
chart robbers!
22:54:20 [mustaqila]
Seeems fine to me...
22:54:21 [fuchs]
Shepard: now everything is back :)
22:54:58 [Shepard]
better look if something is missing
22:55:03 [fuchs]
mustaqila: according to the forum, a switch "crashed"
22:55:11 [mustaqila]
22:55:18 [mustaqila]
* mustaqila hasn't visitd the forum yet
22:55:22 [fuchs]
everything was offline
22:56:02 [fuchs]
Shepard: wtf is james labrie?
22:56:19 [fuchs]
. o O ( Käsejames? )
22:56:23 [Shepard]
the singer of Dream Theater
22:56:31 [g0llum]
22:56:34 [mustaqila]
La Brie!
22:56:38 [mustaqila]
* mustaqila likes cheese
22:57:18 [g0llum] <-- o graus, warum muss ich mir das nur antun
22:58:47 [g0llum]
* g0llum excessively checks his mails and news sites every 2 minutes because the article is so boring.
22:59:47 [g0llum]
.. and the mb channel ;)
23:00:48 [g0llum]
23:00:53 [fuchs]
23:01:11 [g0llum]
23:01:22 [g0llum]
23:01:44 [fuchs]
that what i should ask you :)
23:01:59 [g0llum]
where is everybody? hello?
23:03:05 [fuchs]
reading boring MS ads, i fear ;)
23:03:58 [rowaasr13]
Back. nikki_, figured out that "featuring" yet?
23:04:39 [g0llum]
checking their stats? :p
23:06:01 [g0llum]
* g0llum wonders why MBChatLogger does not bitch about MS or Windows inside an URL
23:06:58 [g0llum]
lazy hack. a GC developer would be fired within days if he worked like them.
23:07:42 [MBChatLogger]
windows == pure evil
23:07:42 [Shepard]
23:08:12 [g0llum]
he he
23:08:25 [g0llum]
23:08:33 [g0llum]
23:08:46 [Shepard]
jetzt hast du dich verraten :)
23:08:47 [g0llum]
this is the *evilest* of programs
23:09:17 [Shepard]
* Shepard ripped seine alten Jugendsünden
23:09:34 [fuchs]
shep the ripper
23:09:53 [Shepard]
be aware!
23:10:17 [g0llum]
where is gecks when i need a distraction? yesterday, i was @work when i was writing those mails
23:10:38 [Shepard]
I have some Die Prinzen CDs here and I will make use of them!
23:11:09 [g0llum]
23:13:02 [Shepard]
23:15:55 [orogor]
orogor has joined #musicbrainz
23:21:30 [tolsen]
tolsen has quit
23:26:37 [rowaasr13]
Damn 31 changes to Kajiura - all caps. Now 9 changes to Kawai. All caps too.
23:27:00 [chocomo]
23:31:20 [tolsen]
tolsen has joined #musicbrainz
23:34:13 [chocomo]
* chocomo pokes WolfsongOpera, you wanted to know why the japanese have Caps?
23:34:20 [chocomo]
or lack there of
23:35:45 [SenRepus]
SenRepus has joined #musicbrainz
23:36:11 [Shepard]
hi mo, hi sen
23:36:51 [rowaasr13]
Well, Kawai's album was full of errors in romanization though, so that gave me the chance to fix them.
23:36:58 [chocomo]
23:37:03 [chocomo]
23:37:05 [chocomo]
hi shep
23:40:09 [chocomo]
23:40:10 [chocomo]
23:43:28 [ChrisBradley]
ChrisBradley has joined #musicbrainz
23:43:46 [SenRepus]
23:43:51 [chocomo]
23:43:57 [chocomo]
23:45:30 [futurist]
futurist has quit
23:49:35 [luks]
luks has quit
23:57:15 [toxickore]
toxickore has quit