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02:09:06 [CallerNo6]
* CallerNo6 's favorite edit note of the day, "not on amg, amazon "
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07:42:43 [jesus2099]
CallerNo6: what does that edit note mean ?
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08:20:16 [CatCat]
that the editor is a noob :)
08:27:21 [nikki]
dubwai: by the way, I updated russian on if you want to see your changes (if you don't already see russian, you need to set your browser's accept-language preference to ask for russian first)
08:32:54 [CatCat]
uh why do *i* see russian?
08:33:00 [CatCat]
i should see norwegian, no?
08:33:28 [CatCat]
i mean i translated like over 50% of the server
08:33:34 [CatCat]
no wait, picard
08:33:43 [nikki]
there isn't a norwegian translation for the server yet
08:33:46 [CatCat]
but like 13% server
08:33:49 [CatCat]
yes ther is!
08:34:04 [CatCat]
but not on transifex website.. it was a different one
08:34:13 [nikki]
then you were translating the wrong thing
08:34:17 [CatCat]
08:34:20 [CatCat]
08:34:42 [CatCat]
it had peop+le, i asked about it here
08:34:47 [CatCat]
i got no reply
08:35:03 [CatCat]
i asked if i could join a group
08:35:11 [CatCat]
repeatedly, i got absolutely NO answer
08:35:38 [CatCat]
you switched translatino services?
08:35:46 [CatCat]
you should actually CLOSE the old one!
08:35:48 [CatCat]
* CatCat fumes
08:38:07 [nikki]
were you using launchpad?
08:39:32 [nikki]
and unfortunately mb is too decentralised, so things like this will happen. I didn't even know we had a translation on launchpad until someone else asked about it. I don't even know who created it (it has been closed now though)
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09:15:09 [CatCat]
well i wish someone could have told me like ages ago BEFORe i made a lot of effort
09:15:37 [CatCat]
i talked about it in here too
09:15:53 [CatCat]
apperantly I *never* say anything of substance so just igonre me D:
09:18:14 [nikki]
if it was launchpad, I can try and merge the translations with the current ones if you request norwegian on
09:18:46 [nikki]
although the stuff on launchpad was really really old, so I don't know how many of the bits of text are still there
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09:26:35 [adhawkins]
Just how much text are we talking about in a Musicbrainz translation?
09:26:50 [ocharles]
More than is nececcessary right now
09:27:03 [adhawkins]
Might be able to persuade my wife to do Welsh if there's any interest :)
09:27:09 [ocharles]
unless people have started merging similar strings
09:27:38 [adhawkins]
Ah, 4505 strings apparently.
09:28:27 [adhawkins]
So what would she need to do to get started?
09:31:35 [nikki]
ooh, welsh
09:31:50 [nikki]
an account on
09:32:04 [nikki]
and then request the language you want
09:32:57 [nikki]
we're planning to split the files up though, right now there's a lot of strings because we have a long list of languages, scripts and countries in there
09:33:05 [nikki]
but those have already been translated a lot of times elsewhere
09:35:08 [nikki]
09:36:51 [adhawkins]
So is it worth doing anything yet?
09:36:59 [adhawkins]
Or best to wait until things are better organised?
09:37:54 [nikki]
good question. it's probably better to wait a bit unless you're really into mb :P
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10:01:41 [adhawkins]
Well, I like to do my bit. Getting her buy-in is the question :)
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10:53:21 [Wizzcat]
CatCat: I'd be happy to help out creating a new translation on transifex
10:57:40 [reoafk]
adhawkins: unless you're planning to divorce before the summer, I'd wait :p
10:58:48 [adhawkins]
No plans that I'm aware of :-O
10:58:59 [adhawkins]
Roughly how long?
10:59:04 [adhawkins]
I'll start prepping her :)
11:02:49 [reosarevok]
Well, ianmcorvidae and nikki will be working on internationalisation stuff during GSoC
11:03:10 [reosarevok]
So as that develops translating stuff should become better
11:03:52 [adhawkins]
ok cool
11:04:05 [adhawkins]
When doesw that start / end?
11:05:27 [reosarevok]
Good question
11:05:29 [reosarevok]
* reosarevok checks
11:05:57 [reosarevok]
"May 21:
11:05:57 [reosarevok]
Students begin coding for their Google Summer of Code projects;"
11:06:11 [reosarevok]
August 20: Firm 'pencils down' date.
11:06:16 [nikki]
although last year, bitmap and ianmcorvidae got started earlier :P
11:06:35 [reosarevok]
Well, yeah, it's not that they need the community bonding period, really :p
11:09:45 [nikki]
Wizzcat: maybe you'd like to request a norwegian project on transifex then :P
11:11:52 [adhawkins]
ok, I'll start prepping her when we get near June
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12:00:15 [jesus2099]
testing stuff like for instance and and also as well as and of course
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12:01:31 [jesus2099_]
ah it wraps,
12:01:35 [jesus2099_]
12:01:41 [jesus2099_]
12:01:48 [jesus2099_]
12:01:59 [jesus2099_] end of testings
12:32:16 [Wizzcat]
nikki: how do I request a new language?
12:33:32 [lsutex]
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12:33:36 [Wizzcat]
nm, found it, eventually
12:33:40 [Wizzcat]
sucky UI is sucky
12:37:08 [nikki]
Wizzcat: approved :)
12:39:41 [Wizzcat]
it's not possible to translate online?
12:40:10 [nikki]
should be
12:40:48 [Wizzcat]
nm, I'm dumb
12:42:37 [reosarevok]
Wizzcat: the UI is sucky indeed though
12:48:01 [adhawkins]
What is the difference between 'Welsh (cy)' and 'Welsh (United Kingdon) (cy_GB)'?
12:48:29 [nikki]
not a lot :)
12:48:38 [nikki]
"cy" should be fine
12:48:43 [mat_]
Hum, I have "Someone, composer - Someother, score"
12:49:13 [mat_]
so, hum, in MB terms, that means, someone wrote and someother composed ?
12:49:35 [nikki]
usually you only need to include the country when there are multiple variants, e.g. en_GB vs. en_US or pt_PT vs. pt_BR, when it comes to welsh though, I can't see us having a non-uk one
12:49:55 [Leftmost]
cy_DE! :P
12:50:22 [nikki]
yeah, that well-known huge community of welsh speakers in germany :P
12:52:56 [adhawkins]
Well, the argentinians in Patagonia might disagree :)
12:53:57 [nikki]
the existence of "cy" doesn't prevent them from having cy_AR if they really want :P
12:54:03 [adhawkins]
12:54:08 [adhawkins]
Ok, I've requested it.
12:54:29 [nikki]
12:55:04 [Leftmost]
Case in point, it's fairly typical of GNOME localization to see pt.po and pt_BR.po.
12:55:16 [mat_]
no one for a confirmation ? :-)
12:55:20 [adhawkins]
So do I just follow the instructions in the Wiki now?
12:55:53 [Wizzcat]
mat_: what's the context?
12:56:34 [mat_]
Wizzcat, track relationships
12:56:50 [mat_]
(track credits, that is)
12:56:55 [nikki]
yeah, you just need to translate stuff on transifex and prod me when you want updating
12:57:38 [adhawkins]
So I edit the file I downloaded, then upload it again?
12:57:45 [adhawkins]
What was the stuff in the Wiki about merging files or something?
12:57:48 [adhawkins]
This is all new to me :)
12:57:51 [Wizzcat]
mat_: yes, but what kind of release is it?
12:58:03 [mat_]
Wizzcat, pop/rock, sorry :-)
12:58:20 [nikki]
oh, that was about merging in language/country/script names. I would personally just ask ianmcorvidae to do that, he knows what he's doing :P
12:58:32 [nikki]
and yes, you can either download and re-upload or do it online
12:59:44 [adhawkins]
There are some odd characters in teh some of the messages
12:59:44 [Wizzcat]
mat_: right, well I dunno, I suppose score could be liner-speak for 'arranged'
12:59:48 [adhawkins]
13:00:01 [adhawkins]
We were unable to send login information to your email address. Please try again,
13:00:34 [mat_]
Wizzcat, I doubt it, hum, I have other credits for "arranged cello" or "arranged guitar"
13:00:45 [reosarevok]
Is it orchestrated?
13:01:15 [mat_]
hum, no
13:01:57 [Wizzcat]
maybe the composer whistled it and the other guy made the score based on his whistles? not sure we have an AR for that :P
13:02:38 [mat_]
hum, there are twelve tracks, 10 only have "someone, composer" and 2 also have "someother, score" :-)
13:03:32 [nikki]
adhawkins: which messages?
13:03:40 [reosarevok]
And there's nothing different in those two tracks? :/
13:04:10 [kurtjx]
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13:04:21 [mat_]
well, I don't think so, I'll relisten to them
13:06:11 [mat_]
no, nothing really different, it's not like there's a symphony orchestra somewhere
13:07:48 [mat_]
well, tell you what, I'll do composed+lyrics for the first one and only composed for the score one
13:08:25 [reosarevok]
mat_: where is the music from?
13:08:32 [reosarevok]
Is it very obscure?
13:08:34 [mat_]
13:08:40 [mat_]
it's the latest norah jones album
13:08:40 [reosarevok]
(maybe we can find more info in a works database)
13:08:46 [reosarevok]
Let's look
13:08:49 [reosarevok]
Name of the track?
13:09:14 [mat_]
"Say Goodbye" and "Happy Pills"
13:09:24 [mat_]
for all tracks, I have :
13:09:34 [mat_]
Norah Jones, Composer, Brian Burton, Composer
13:09:46 [mat_]
and for those tracks, I also have "Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Score"
13:10:36 [mat_]
the thing is, it's not supposed to be released before May 1st
13:10:56 [mat_]
so, hum, the informations about it should be scarce
13:14:24 [reosarevok]
Yeah, no official info yet
13:14:35 [reosarevok]
You could wait a bit and see if it's added to
13:15:57 [mat_]
hum, if I wait, I'll forget ;-)
13:23:21 [Wizzcat] says "Vanessa Freebairn-Smith: Strings, Score Preparation"
13:24:51 [Wizzcat]
I have a hard time seeing how it's particularly different from arrangement, but maybe it warrants a separate AR, dunno
13:31:04 [mat_]
reosarevok, it's on iswcnet, only they put family names first, so it's jones norah, there's no mention of vanessa freebairn smith there
13:32:11 [reosarevok]
huh, is it?
13:32:23 [reosarevok]
I searched title + author contains jones and it didn't find it
13:32:30 [reosarevok]
Meh, maybe contains excludes begins
13:32:37 [mat_]
13:32:49 [mat_]
I searched the first word of the title and "jones norah"
13:33:02 [mat_]
and I got all the songs of the album
13:33:12 [reosarevok]
Then I'd guess at most arranger - if it was a composition / writing credits it would be there
13:34:10 [mat_]
yeah, I'll add as an arranger, and I'll get back to work 0:-)
13:35:41 [mat_]
and I'll leave it at that
13:49:55 [adhawkins]
nikki: I posted one of them above.
13:49:59 [adhawkins]
We were unable to send login information to your email address. Please try again,
13:50:08 [adhawkins]
There are some odd characters before 'please try again'
13:51:53 [nikki]
oh, right
13:52:01 [nikki]
I thought you were getting that from transifex or something
13:52:49 [nikki]
I only see two spaces
13:56:17 [adhawkins]
If you edit it on transifex, there are some odd characters there.
13:56:38 [adhawkins]
Looking at the po file, there's a \n in there.
13:56:54 [adhawkins]
#: ../lib/MusicBrainz/Server/Controller/
14:00:05 [nikki]
I see a new line *after* "please try again"
14:07:41 [adhawkins]
One sec
14:08:49 [adhawkins]
14:09:01 [adhawkins]
There are two vertical blue lines before 'please try again'
14:09:17 [adhawkins]
Then 13 blue vertical lines before 'however if...'
14:10:23 [adhawkins]
Is tehre a pastebin or similar I can upload a screenshot?
14:11:22 [reosarevok]
14:12:27 [adhawkins]
14:13:23 [Mineo]
hm, are they tabs?
14:14:01 [adhawkins]
14:30:18 [CallerNo6]
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14:33:58 [marianaaf]
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14:36:15 [marianaaf]
hi there. if someone releases a single through soundcloud before releasing it through itunes or amazon, which release date prevails? I'm looking at a case of three days difference. Chris Brown "Till I Die" here it's 10th april (same date as the single was released on soundcloud) but amazon and itunes have april 13th.
14:37:43 [DocPlatypus]
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14:38:43 [reosarevok]
marianaaf: since the track was not available for download there, I guess changing it to the actual date of release (as opposed to preview/stream/whatever) won't hurt
14:39:09 [marianaaf]
that's what i'll do then. thanks!
14:40:20 [warp]
I'd consider those to be three seperate releases (soundcloud, amazon and itunes).
14:40:59 [reosarevok]
warp: most people don't agree with that though as long as the content is the same, you know that :p
14:41:28 [reosarevok]
(and soundcloud is streaming-only, do we count that as a release now? I'd at most have entered that as a standalone)
14:41:36 [reosarevok]
(well, *this* soundcloud is)
14:41:53 [warp]
reosarevok: ah, I'm used to soundcloud downloads. didn't realize that could be restricted.
14:42:02 [warp]
no, IMO streaming is not a release.
14:42:24 [reosarevok]
Yeah, it can - it's actually relatively common I think
14:42:37 [warp]
reosarevok: I've never seen it, but then I try to avoid soundcloud.
14:42:40 [reosarevok]
I've seen big labels doing soundcloud previews of their stuff relatively often lately
14:42:53 [reosarevok]
Why? It's not that bad
14:43:36 [warp]
because I want to consume releases, I don't like loose tracks without the context an album release provides.
14:44:07 [warp]
so I'd prefer to wait until whatever is on soundcloud is released properly on an album.
14:44:31 [reosarevok]
Hmm, fair point I guess, although a lot of the genres which use soundcloud often are single-based anyway
14:45:02 [warp]
single-based genres? :)
14:45:21 [warp]
eventually there will be releases in the genre, I'll wait.
14:45:44 [warp]
reosarevok: so usually when I get something from soundcloud it's a dj-mix.
14:46:39 [reosarevok]
warp: yeah, stuff where the actual release will anyway be the track and a remix or two at most
14:47:32 [warp]
reosarevok: I cannot imagine that the entire genre never sees releases.
14:47:45 [warp]
er, albums.
14:47:57 [reosarevok]
Not the entire genre, no
14:48:11 [CallerNo6]
warp, reosarevok, that would be the opposite of "album oriented rock"?
14:48:21 [reosarevok]
But a big majority of artists in a genre? Yes in a lot of electronic music for example
14:48:45 [nikki]
* nikki wouldn't expect streaming to be a release either. if it is, then we have years and years worth of radio "releases" to add :P
14:49:02 [reosarevok]
CallerNo6: I always thought AOR was "adult" oriented
14:49:56 [CallerNo6]
reosarevok: maybe you're thinking of "Hot AC"(Adult Contemporary)
14:50:02 [reosarevok]
No, no
14:50:07 [reosarevok]
I just never thought it could be album
14:50:22 [reosarevok]
So I thought it was "our shit is boring so we'll market it to boring adults"
14:50:31 [reosarevok]
(kind of :p)
14:50:51 [reosarevok]
Since, well, they have singles and stuff
14:50:52 [CallerNo6]
guilty as charged!
14:51:16 [reosarevok]
But I guess "let's make all tracks in the album not suck too much" is not a bad approach. I wish more people followed that :p
14:51:40 [reosarevok]
(as opposed to "let's fill this with crap until we can charge album-price for it instead of single-price)
14:55:51 [CallerNo6]
I wonder how that will change since w/ digital there's no reason to favor a 40-50 minute "release".
14:58:23 [reosarevok] I love the people who tag an artist with his surname
14:58:58 [reosarevok]
15:03:19 [CallerNo6]
... as if the LP was anything more than a sweet-spot on the music industry's roi curve :-)
15:07:43 [DocPlatypus]
I don't object in principle to iTunes, but I would like to see the trend of not releasing lossless files reversed, there are a lot of artists who would have had no issue releasing a CD that have this huge issue about releasing in FLAC format
15:08:06 [reosarevok]
They do?
15:08:18 [reosarevok]
I thought the main issue was they had no idea there was a difference
15:09:09 [reosarevok]
(I doubt most musicians know what flac is, or think people would give a shit)
15:10:25 [DocPlatypus]
FLAC/ALAC/WAV is the full quality that would be available on the CD
15:10:30 [DocPlatypus]
and maybe that's the issue
15:11:04 [DocPlatypus]
they just don't realize that even 320 MP3 throws away a lot of information by comparison (in addition to being a patent encumbered format but that's another issue)
15:12:10 [reosarevok]
15:13:46 [reosarevok]
AFAIK only Bandcamp, Boomkat, Junodownload and a few shops more offer lossless
15:14:24 [reosarevok]
Not that I really notice the difference myself, tbh, but yeah, even if only for archival purposes, making lossless available would be good
15:14:29 [DocPlatypus]
yeah. it's a trip, CD Baby sometimes has the CD but if they don't the only other option is MP3 files
15:15:16 [DocPlatypus]
the reason I prefer lossless is that I can always make what I need to make, 128 MP3, 256 MP3, 320 MP3, V0 MP3, Ogg q5, Ogg q8, even MP2 or something exotic should I need it
15:15:36 [DocPlatypus]
and it'll be the best possible quality
15:15:51 [DocPlatypus]
but going 320 MP3 to 128 MP3 is always going to sound lousy compared to going CD/FLAC to 128 MP3
15:45:01 [ijabz]
ijabz has joined #musicbrainz
15:56:34 [reosarevok]
I assume everyone who's interested has seen it by now, but
15:56:40 [reosarevok]
(Storm Corrosion)
16:13:42 [hawke_]
hawke_ has joined #musicbrainz
16:14:06 [ruaok]
ruaok has joined #musicbrainz
16:15:23 [hawke_]
nikki: Regarding that kantate bwv 36: should I use „” or » « or « »?
16:17:20 [Mineo]
* Mineo would use „“ since it seems to be german
16:17:55 [nikki]
* nikki would too
16:18:04 [nikki]
(which is not the same as the first thing hawke_ said ;))
16:18:21 [terinjokes]
terinjokes has left #musicbrainz
16:18:35 [Mineo]
(which is why I didn't say "use the first" :P)
16:18:35 [hawke_]
Ah, right
16:18:57 [hawke_] suggests that «» or »« would also not be incorrect though
16:19:04 [nikki]
Mineo: I figured ;) just clarifying in case he didn't notice
16:20:06 [Mineo]
hawke_: I've only seen »« denoting speech in books/articles, nowhere else
16:20:49 [drsaunde1]
drsaunde1 has joined #musicbrainz
16:21:28 [hawke_]
Mineo: And is musicbrainz not equivalent to articles?
16:22:18 [nikki]
a title isn't an article, and the name isn't speech :P
16:22:23 [Mineo]
it's more like the bwv itself, a very advanced catalogue :P
16:24:46 [reosarevok]
nikki: actually, the name is quoting the text, so technically you could say it is speech
16:25:44 [Mineo]
but then you wouldn't need „“ at all, would you?
16:26:46 [reosarevok]
Well, I would say storing them all as Kantate "Whatever", BWV NNN is a pre-work-type thing, and that it'd make sense to use Whatever, BWV NNN instead
16:26:51 [reosarevok]
But I'm too lazy to change them all :p
16:27:51 [hawke_]
I think that makes sense
16:28:20 [hawke_]
Although it gets messy with track titles and such too
16:28:54 [nikki]
* nikki was amused by the page title being cantata "kantate, ...
16:30:27 [nikki]
heh, and when it's translated, I guess it'll be kantate "kantate, ...
16:31:09 [hawke_]
So …Kantate, BWV 36 „Schwingt freudig euch empor“ or Kantate „Schwingt freudig euch empor“, or …?
16:31:46 [ijabz]
ijabz has joined #musicbrainz
16:32:45 [hawke_]
(is there a guide about this?)
16:38:24 [kepstin-laptop]
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17:17:37 [CallerNo6]
hawke_: there's
17:18:42 [hawke_]
17:18:59 [voiceinsideyou]
voiceinsideyou has joined #musicbrainz
17:19:06 [CallerNo6]
I thought you'd like that
17:23:17 [CallerNo6]
even the URL is wordy :-)
17:24:03 [reosarevok]
17:24:23 [reosarevok]
Yeah, that doesn't seem to be written with simplifying stuff in mind...
17:27:20 [CallerNo6]
CSG-not-lite... but it /is/ a complex thing to try to smash all that info into a text field. Having a classical schema would be simpler.
17:27:44 [reosarevok]
hawke_: bach/gounod's ave maria comes to mind
17:28:00 [reosarevok]
Still, this is horribly unpractical with the current UI and I doubt anybody would actually follow it :/
17:28:20 [hawke_]
CallerNo6: Part of it is that the formatting is just ridiculously complicated
17:29:52 [CallerNo6]
Which is why picard scripts should be doing the formatting.
17:30:38 [hawke_]
CallerNo6: And all the bits should be in separate fields?
17:30:43 [CallerNo6]
17:30:50 [Leftmost]
Leftmost has joined #musicbrainz
17:30:50 [Leftmost]
Leftmost has joined #musicbrainz
17:30:56 [CallerNo6]
A schema in a schema
17:34:27 [hawke_]
Could work, though most of that stuff ends up being attributes of the work more than the recording or track
17:36:17 [CallerNo6]
17:37:04 [hawke_]
So you still need a standard for how to put it into the recording disambiguation or title or whatever
17:37:45 [hawke_]
unless you want to [untitled] most of ’em.
17:44:25 [slackerIII]
slackerIII has joined #musicbrainz
17:46:36 [CallerNo6]
My starting point is the assumption that the way we do classical titles is barely better than using the annotation field.
17:49:02 [hawke_]
It’s much better than that simply because it’s searched by default
17:49:27 [CallerNo6]
right, well, what I mean is that it's structured data crammed into a text field.
17:49:36 [hawke_]
And the CSG semi-“standard” naming format lets us synthesize titles
17:54:18 [ruaok]
ruaok has joined #musicbrainz
17:57:57 [the_metalgamer]
the_metalgamer has joined #musicbrainz
18:12:53 [ijabz_]
ijabz_ has joined #musicbrainz
18:19:27 [mchou]
mchou has joined #musicbrainz
18:32:44 [jmvanel]
jmvanel has joined #musicbrainz
18:56:05 [adhawkins]
adhawkins has joined #musicbrainz
19:09:48 [kepstin-laptop]
kepstin-laptop has joined #musicbrainz
19:15:53 [adhawkins]
When translating, is there any way of finding out what context a string is used in?
19:15:59 [adhawkins]
For example "(unknown)"
19:20:46 [ianmcorvidae]
ianmcorvidae has joined #musicbrainz
19:20:47 [ianmcorvidae]
ianmcorvidae has joined #musicbrainz
19:21:06 [nikki]
hm. if you click the details tab, it'll tell you which files it's used in. right now that's the only thing there is :/
19:21:28 [adhawkins]
Yeah, I get the file list if I download the po.
19:21:34 [adhawkins]
Not necessarily helpful.
19:25:02 [nikki]
well, you can always ask me for more info. not ideal, I know :/
19:31:56 [MaskMaster]
MaskMaster has joined #musicbrainz
19:33:01 [adhawkins]
Yeah ok. Might be doing that for 4200 of the 4500 strings though :)
19:38:39 [kepstin-laptop]
adhawkins: what language are you translating into?
19:39:17 [kepstin-laptop]
* kepstin-laptop is tempted to do one for canadian english ;)
19:39:23 [adhawkins]
Welsh :)
19:44:43 [reosarevok]
adhawkins: we'll need a British English one too at some point, although I guess nikki is willing to do that one :p
19:45:07 [adhawkins]
That shouldn't be too hard I don't suppose
19:45:10 [adhawkins]
s/z/s/ :D
19:45:39 [kepstin-laptop]
19:45:50 [kepstin-laptop]
and throw in an s/o/ou/ :)
19:45:52 [adhawkins]
I doubt we'll have to correct the abominal spelling of aluminium
19:46:58 [nikki]
reosarevok: of course I'm planning to do british english :P
19:47:18 [nikki]
* nikki is longing to get rid of "catalog" :P
19:47:34 [reosarevok]
"aluminum", srsly?
19:47:40 [reosarevok]
* reosarevok shakes his head at Americans
19:48:09 [adhawkins]
* adhawkins grins
19:50:37 [nikki]
I was planning to wait though, 'cause most of the strings will be the same so I'd rather avoid having to keep updating it over the summer
19:51:26 [warp]
19:53:19 [ianmcorvidae]
ianmcorvidae has joined #musicbrainz
19:53:19 [ianmcorvidae]
ianmcorvidae has joined #musicbrainz
19:53:30 [reosarevok]
warp: you mean Americans say "Jean-Claude Van Dam"?
19:53:32 [reosarevok]
* reosarevok hides
19:54:44 [adhawkins]
Right, enough.
19:54:48 [adhawkins]
Night all, speak soon
19:54:54 [reosarevok]
19:54:57 [reosarevok]
* reosarevok goes too
19:54:59 [adhawkins]
* adhawkins waves
19:57:31 [CatCat]
Wizzcat: \o/
20:00:54 [hawke_]
I’m sorry, I can’t understand anyone in here, you’re all writing British english and I’m American.
20:01:12 [hawke_]
Can we add a translate function to MBChatLogger?
20:01:30 [hawke_]
So it can say “color” every time somone says “colour”
20:01:32 [hawke_]
20:01:35 [CatCat]
20:01:44 [CatCat]
ok so i try creating a transifex account
20:01:50 [CatCat]
"this email is already in use"
20:01:53 [CatCat]
20:02:32 [CatCat]
try singign up "your acount has bee ndisabeled check your email for a activation thingy" ok nothing happens
20:02:39 [CatCat]
try requestign new password
20:02:50 [CatCat]
"That e-mail address doesn't have an associated user account. Are you sure you've registered?"
20:02:57 [CatCat]
20:04:27 [CatCat]
godalso i hate pages that keep refreshing so it goes from O to X in the toolbar constantly
20:15:01 [ijabz]
ijabz has joined #musicbrainz
20:21:16 [CatCat]
i found the email ,but for some reason it's from 2011 mai? it doesn't work
20:21:33 [CatCat]
can someone help me contact these guys
20:27:09 [nikki]
they apparently have a channel on this server (#transifex), you could try asking there
20:28:25 [CatCat]
20:28:41 [CatCat]
#transifex you say?
20:29:58 [nikki]
that's what google suggests
20:30:10 [CatCat]
thanks nikki
20:31:48 [CatCat]
well I asked the q, so I'll see what they say
20:53:04 [MestreArsenal]
MestreArsenal has joined #musicbrainz
21:08:28 [ianmcorvidae]
ianmcorvidae has joined #musicbrainz
21:08:28 [ianmcorvidae]
ianmcorvidae has joined #musicbrainz
21:20:16 [ijabz]
ijabz has joined #musicbrainz
21:21:30 [CatCat] split or not to split?
21:22:43 [hawke_2]
hawke_2 has joined #musicbrainz
21:24:51 [CallerNo6]
hawke_2: an example of a classical track w/ multiple composers would be the tracks w/ cadenza on e.g.
21:25:17 [CallerNo6]
21:26:30 [CallerNo6]
(maybe an AC join phrase "cadenza: "?)
21:27:23 [hawke_2]
Hmm, makes some sense.
21:27:39 [hawke_2]
I seem to recall that we wanted to get away from putting roles in the AC though
21:27:43 [hawke_2]
leave that for the ARs.
21:28:35 [hawke_2]
(So “Ludwig Van Beethoven, Fritz Kriesler” would make more sense)
21:28:36 [CallerNo6]
that makes sense. I just worry about the ambiguity between "co-composed" vs. "part composed by x, and part by y"
21:29:36 [hawke_2]
21:29:36 [CallerNo6]
but since that would be clear by linking the two works, I guess it doesn't matter
21:29:44 [hawke_2]
I was going to suggest that.
21:30:01 [hawke_2]
Though it’s hard to say whether a composition-with-cadenza is two works
21:30:40 [hawke_2]
(as opposed to a work derived from the composition alone.
21:30:42 [CallerNo6]
I guess that's not settled. In my mind, a written/composed cadenza is a second work. An improvised on, I dunno.
21:34:24 [hawke_2]
I think an improvised one would also be a second work
21:35:00 [hawke_2]
Since someone else could come along and play that improvisation (it would no longer be improvised, of course)
21:35:44 [CallerNo6]
Well, that's like jazz then. Every performance would become a new work.
21:36:22 [CallerNo6]
I prefer to think that improvisation can be used as a compositional tool (artist intent) but is generally an aspect of performance.
21:37:45 [CallerNo6]
but that's just my mind trying to impose order using duct tape and chewing gum
21:39:02 [hawke_2]
21:39:24 [nikki]
21:39:27 [hawke_2]
It would help if work creation were simpler
21:39:39 [nikki]
who the fuck at youtube thought autoplaying when you load the page was a good fucking idea
21:39:54 [CallerNo6]
nikki +1
21:40:08 [hawke_2]
and not something where you had to think about whether something deserved to be a work.
21:40:11 [hawke_2]
nikki: +1
21:43:30 [nikki]
I had the volume turned right up because I was watching a really quiet video. then osx crashed. so I restarted, it reopened all my windows (despite me repeatedly telling to stop doing that) and then firefox reopened like 10 different youtube pages and youtube was like OH YEAH *plays all of them at full volume simultaneously*
21:43:57 [nikki]
and if I hadn't been firmly sat in my chair, I think I would have fallen off :P
21:44:13 [CallerNo6]
nikki, flashblock is (well, was) my friend
21:44:29 [ianmcorvidae]
I always use chromium's click-to-play feature
21:44:34 [ianmcorvidae]
for flash and java both
21:44:39 [ianmcorvidae]
bonus: way more secure, also :P
21:44:55 [nikki]
I only use firefox for flash stuff anyway :P
21:45:07 [nikki]
foxyproxy <3
21:45:53 [CatCat]
<3 youtubeler script
21:45:59 [CatCat]
stops that autoplay bullshit
21:47:01 [nikki]
do you happen to have a link?
21:55:57 [CatCat]
hmm hang on a sec i'll find it
21:58:07 [Dremora]
Dremora has joined #musicbrainz
21:59:21 [CatCat]
nikki: it works in 10.6+
21:59:48 [ianweller]
21:59:54 [ianweller]
"Normally editors would be urged to just redo them all."
22:00:09 [ianweller]
* ianweller walks away from the internet for the day
22:03:32 [ijabz]
ijabz has joined #musicbrainz
22:23:00 [kurtjx]
kurtjx has joined #musicbrainz
22:31:33 [CallerNo6]
ianweller, maybe a better way to put it is that editors are encouraged to fix issues in a way that is easy on the open edit queue and on voters.
22:32:13 [ianweller]
22:32:36 [CallerNo6]
* CallerNo6 was never very good at putting a positive spin on things. oh well.
22:37:04 [hawke_2]
Why does demono think that this edit passing would cause a further edit to it, to fail?
22:37:24 [hawke_2]
“when this edit assumingly passes since there are no votes against it, then it would cause the other edit to fail.”
22:38:07 [ianweller]
that's what i wondered too.
22:38:12 [ianweller]
but my head hurt too much to respond
22:38:46 [hawke_2]
Another better way to put it is “Our edit system sucks at the moment” :-D
22:39:08 [ianweller]
how would you resolve it -- make it so you can edit edits?
22:39:12 [hawke_2]
“…and there are bigger fish to fry than fixing that, so don’t hold your breath”
22:39:26 [hawke_2]
22:40:31 [nikki]
you can make edits to an add release edit
22:40:48 [hawke_2]
How I would like to see it done, and how it is likely to be done, are not the same though. :-)
22:40:53 [nikki]
but if you want to make edits to an edit edit, you need to cancel it and redo it, or wait until it hopefully passes
22:41:17 [ianweller]
the main reason i haven't re-edited the release is because i disagree with him :) and so i wanted it to go to a separate vote
22:41:45 [ianweller]
which may not be the right answer, but seemed right in my head at the time
22:42:01 [hawke_2]
I find it slightly unreasonable for people to say that kind of thing anyway — if he wants it changed he should fix it himself.
22:42:07 [hawke_2]
not block your edits
22:42:13 [ianweller]
22:42:17 [ianweller]
fortunately he didn't actively block my edits
22:42:21 [hawke_2]
22:42:22 [ianweller]
he just was obnoxious
22:42:24 [ianweller]
22:49:39 [CatCat]
please to be merging
23:04:57 [Dremora]
Dremora has joined #musicbrainz
23:07:46 [nikki]
CatCat: thanks. I don't need anything for opera (already solved that by never enabling flash in opera :P), but there's a link to a firefox version from that page that seems to be working
23:15:50 [CatCat]
oh yea, I think it's originally a firefox script so yea.. anyway, bedtime
23:16:05 [CatCat]
man shouldn't'a stayed up sp long X_x
23:16:11 [CatCat]
i have a test tomorrow you know
23:16:16 [CatCat]
23:27:47 [kepstin-laptop]
kepstin-laptop has joined #musicbrainz
23:38:10 [igndenok]
igndenok has joined #musicbrainz
23:42:55 [kepstin-laptop]
kepstin-laptop has joined #musicbrainz
23:53:16 [hawke_]
hawke_ has joined #musicbrainz